Paul the Paul

Magic download (video) by Paul Wilson
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Paul the Paul

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Magic download (video) by Paul Wilson ($4.00)

From a shuffled deck, the magician spreads the cards across the table and asks a spectator to select any four cards. They are the four aces.


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A very nice effect by Paul Le Paul refined by Paul Wilson. Four random cards chosen by the spectator from a shuffled deck happen to be the four aces, or they could be four selections. Mr. Wilson teaches the mechanics of the effect with all the necessary details, descibing the psychology behind the moves and the motivation of doing them (I hope that makes sense). He teaches two ways of preparing the effect, so you can choose which ever you feel more comfortable with. Definetely worths its money.



This is a fairly simple refinement by Paul Wilson. However, the effect is extremely powerful and well worth it. Mr. Wilson goes over the handling as well as the necessary psychology needed to properly perform the effect. Be warned, this trick is easy from a method standpoint, but it certainly will take practice, especially on getting the performance, timing, and patter just right.

Paul the Paul by Paul Wilson