Peregrine Pass

Magic download (video) by Daniel Prado
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Peregrine Pass

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Magic download (video) by Daniel Prado ($8.00)

It's not often we stumble upon a secret technique that looks authentic to the natural action taking place, in this case - closing a spread of cards. With the Peregrine Pass, what happens "behind the scenes" when compared to the polished performance is night and day. This is sleight of hand at its finest! Learn how it's done in this in-depth tutorial by professional magician, Daniel Prado.


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This is a brilliant method and incredibly manageable move. It is so natural, occurs during a moment of almost no scrutiny, and has a ton of excellent applications. This is one of the best instructional videos I have seen. The teaching is very clear, and the graphics help to illustrate key points. The move itself is a thing of absolute beauty.



I believe Mr. Prado's Peregrine Pass is destined to become a classic of card table magic. I wish to congratulate him as this is a wonderful move and a fine achievement. The included "Gap Control" is very clever and is a KILLER application of this pass. I can't think of a better way to do a shift on the table; this is a great idea that is brilliantly executed.



For a while I have had issues with doing table magic purely because there wasn't a good pass that I liked for it, but now there is. This was my first D&D purchase so I was a little worried that the performance video had some help from those camera cuts, but I was dead wrong. It looks just as good in person as it does in the video.

Concerns I had from the beginning prior to purchase along with the answers.

- How difficult is the sleight? If you can do basic card manipulation or sleights you can do this.

- Can the spectator sign the card? Yes.

- Can the spectator place the card? Technically yes, but I would advise not doing it.

- Is this real magic? Close, but no.

In the end, I just have to say learn this move before it is referred to as "The Classic Table Pass".



This incredible pass is a very powerful tool to use in table card magic. I immediately put it in my repertoire. The way Daniel teaches the move is very clear and he goes over the mechanics of it very well. If you keep practicing, this pass will be practically invisible, and it will feel very natural to do the move. I would suggest to anyone whose into table magic to get this as soon as possible because a new range of possibilities will become available to you. It's simply stunning!



This is by far the best pass I have ever seen (except for the spread pass which is a close second). It is fast, almost completely invisible and angle proof, and is surprisingly easy to do. I've seen very few table passes that aren't extremely awkward and this is the most natural of them all. Buy it. You'll wish you had done so sooner.



This. Is. Awsome. Incredible. Beautiful. Devastating. EASY!!!! If you have had some experience with card manipulation, you can do the Peregrine Pass. The method is so gorgeous it's not even WILL have the mechanics down in under 8 minutes, and if you do this in front of a mirror, you'll fool yourself! I most definitely will be using this, it's a worker. Five stars.



Very simple yet effective control. I would recommend this to everyone who's doing card magic. Just need to put in some time to practice and get everything to look very natural.



This brilliant move is a revolution for close-up magic. Table card control will never get easier. Clean, natural and unbelievably easy. It can definitely fool laymen as well as magicians.



Like the other reviews here, I have to say that Daniel Prado's Peregrine Pass is an instant classic. I giggled with glee learning the method behind the move; not only is it deceptively perfect, it's extremely practical and easy to do. I was executing his - my new favourite pass - within minutes. Very much worth the investment.



This control is truly spontaneous; it occurs through a natural action that no one would be suspicious of. I love the pass. I will be doing it whenever I have a table in front of me. The explanation is very thorough. The pass is explained and repeated a few times at different speeds to leave no room for confusion. There are even different variations to be able to use the peregrine pass, which allows it to be used in any situation. It is ingenious and deserves to be in everybody's repertoire.



Very deceptive utility move. If you're into table magic, this is a must have. The smoothness is amazing, and convinces just about anyone, even yourself!



This is a great pass. The explanation was clear and with great camera shots head on and over the shoulder. The pass must be performed on a suitable surface (i.e., cannot be performed on a hard surface or on a small close-up pad). That said, this pass is easy to learn, and with a modicum of practice, will be invisible to the spectators. Control to the top of the deck or to the bottom of the deck is essentially the same move; you learn one, you've learned them both. Kudos to Daniel Prado.



I think it's great. It's important to have a good surface in order to execute the pass, and even condition of the hands will affect it. With practice, a good execution looks really natural. It was worth the purchase.



Unfortunately my hands don't have a thick enough flap of skin at the joints to perform this. Perhaps someone with the right hands would have no trouble.

Peregrine Pass by Daniel Prado