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Magic download (video) by Pit Hartling
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Pit Hartling

12.00 usd

Magic download (video) by Pit Hartling ($12.00)

Pit Hartling was the first Vanishing Inc artist featured in a download (remember The Core?). Now he is back with two ingenious and offbeat card miracles, both together for just ten dollars.

Strange Attractors: Pit’s take on Larry Jennnings’ The Searchers plot is a real fooler! Two cards eerily sink into the pack to sandwich a chosen card. Notice how Pit’s handling is so, so free and hands-off. He merely squares the cards and magic happens. The “attraction” happens in two phases, which is particularly smart.

Odd Men Out: To find two selected cards, the performer changes the pack into all red cards, and then all black cards. The illusion is perfect, and it is accomplished using little more than a two-handed fan and a faro shuffle. You get lots of mileage out of a basic yet subtle method.

Running time: 13 minutes, 56 seconds.


Customer reviews for Pit Hartling



This is a great little download, and the first trick fooled the hell out of me!

I picked this up because I had 'The Core' which is another brilliant trick, and this download kept up the same standard. I hope Vanishing Inc get more Pitt Hartling downloads!



Pit should release more of his materials, especially his work on memorized deck, particularly on Mnemonica.

Great materials.



Strange Attractors is an awesome approach to the Searchers plot, you will not have an idea of how this works until you see the explanation, it’s not easy, but definitely worth the practice. The only thing that I didn’t like about Strange Attractors is that you do not end completely clean, but you can use it as a closer (yes, it’s that strong). The download worth the money just because of Strange Attractors.


Jonny Marques

Very good magic as everything that comes from Pit Hartling.
It is something that for sure you will include in your repertoire.



I would say that these tricks are not for beginners. In fact I think they use quite advanced handling techniques like fanning after doing a perfect faro. They are nice effects and Pit is very watchable, just be aware that it will take a lot of practice if you want to perform them any where as good as Pit Hartling does.









Pit is an incredible mind and entertainer in our art! Both of these effects have other applications, in addition to being ingenious in their own. You get two tricks here. Both are destined to become staples in any thinking cardman's repertoire! Odd Men Out is a insanely visual application of an Elmsley idea, and it's absolutely fantastic to do for people! There are so many opportunities to have fun with this, as they would swear you have gimmicked deck. The greatest part is, of course, the pack can be examined thoroughly after the effect. Strange Attractors is my absolute favorite method for Larry Jennings's "The Searchers" plot. I always loved the gradual sandwich idea, but found the method as described in Kaufman's Almanac, to be too sleight heavy, during too many key moments. Pit does away with all that made the effect fall flat, in structure and methodology, and made those crucial moments far more believable! I really felt that the reduction of "seeking" (limited to only 2 phases) enhanced the overall effect. After that point, the audience will piece together what might happen, and it becomes somewhat laborious for all involved. I could not recommend this download more, to serious students of extremely clever, sleight of hand card magic!



Wow! Just downloaded this and watched it. Looks amazing! Particularly the first effect, I'm amazed at how clean this looks and just how effective it is. They always say combining methods is the highest form of trick construction. Well, Hartling is using about four principles to make this thing work. He's engaging, funny, and clear in the description. FABULOUS. And, if you guys haven't checked out his book, Card Fictions, it's one of my all-time favorites.



THIS IS AWESOME! I just watched this and I LOVE IT. Pit is so smooth and funny, and those two tricks are awesome. Both are easy to get into and out of, and I'm already able to do Old Men Out. What I like about this effect is how different it is from the other card material I'm doing. I'm going to work on the sandwich effect, but I imagine it will come quite quickly.



Pit is a genius, massive fan of him & his magic, thank goodness we magicians are here to appreciate just how smart his routines are.

No more words needed, just buy this now, thank me later



Once I saw it's Pit Hartling, I just clicked it without question. You would not regret it!


Wing Fung

the idea is simple and the outcome is good




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