Quantum Mechanics

Magic download (video) by Irving Quant
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Quantum Mechanics

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Magic download (video) by Irving Quant (30.00)

A selection of Irving Quant's finest card magic featuring a revolutionary new technique for controlling not just a single card, but multiple cards in a way you probably never imagined. He calls it the Distribution Technique, and in our opinion, unlocks a whole new level for card magicians.

The Distribution Technique is a utility move, like the Clip Shift, that can be applied to literally endless applications. On Quantum Mechanics, Irving explains many of its possibilities with several of his favorite effects.


Customer reviews for Quantum Mechanics



This is such a fantastic download. I learned so much from it. It is well shot and easy to follow, these moves will take time to master, but that is with all card magic.
I use the main move all the time. All of the routines are worth learning. What I love to do is, the distribution move and ask someone if they see the ace they will say no, you say fantastic watch this, look at my palm they do. You close the deck and ask if you know what you did you give them the deck and ask them to look through the deck they will find the aces.



Hi, a genius artist.The touch of cards,creativity.its magic is just as interesting as its principles.I already had the DVD,it's so good that I bought the video in dematerialized.There is no waste.. Swiss watchmaking !
Best,David Jade



This is a very good quality video production. Each routine starts with a full demonstration, then a full detailed tutorial, followed by the routine again, but this time it is performed in slow mo so you can follow allong with the routine, they are all very well explained, and very easy to follow, he goes at a nice pase, which is great, the camera angles are perfect, mostly over the shoulder shots, Distribution technique is one method he uses, on video 5 he goes into detailed explanation for this method, but it is certainly worth learning this, Its easy enough to understsnd the method, but will take a little bit off practice to perfect the moves, It is worth investing in a 3 way magicians mirror, as you will fool yourself seeing the moves when using this.
With His Excellent Teaching, And His Slick Moves On Producing the Spectators Selections, Or Producing The Aces & Kings Routines, Makes This A Really Cool Magic Download.
My Top Two On Card Magic Is:
Irving Quant.
Bill Goodwin.



I have never given any product five stars before, I take my ratings very seriously and wait months, even years to make a full decision on how many stars I'm going to give something. I wrote a review for this longer than some short stories originally, but that got lost and it was probably too long anyway. I'll try to make this one short and to the point while at the same time; sincere, and believable.

First off I'd like to make a little disclaimer; If you do not have much experience with card magic yet, I feel that I should tell you that you will need to learn "some type" of pass to perform "some" of the material in the "same way that Irving does" in the trailer for this Collection. (and don't think I'm biased not taking a star away for that, I was not very experienced when I got the Collection and was upset when I found out that I needed to learn a pass. Don't be naive about it, if you are going to do card magic you are going to have to learn some kind or type of pass. It is more crucial than the double lift, I found that this is a rule that has been accepted for hundreds of years).

Now onto the rating of the material itself:

The Distribution Technique


I'll start with the practicality as I have heard many negative or doubtful things about the sleight in this regard. I?m telling you all right now that I have done this maneuver right in front of peoples faces several times in a row? as they stare dead into my hands; only to have them honestly confess that they didn't see me do anything but what I said I was going to do (rub the deck little). I have left some people who are familiar with sleight of hand so oblivious that they though it was some kind of joke, as I did the same exercise with everything face down over and over again telling them to be more and more observant each time, and to try to catch what I was doing. I could tell, they simply didn't believe I was doing anything. If you practice well enough, that is the level of deceptiveness you can bring to this sleight.

Difficulty and Teaching

I never try to discriminate a sleight based on its difficulty, but I must say that I was relieved that mastering this move has been such a breeze, this is because of the moves organic design and Irving?s unbelievable teaching in the Collection. It?s the most addictive move I have ever come across, it is so simple to learn and practice, as you can do the move the same way with your body in nearly any position, sitting or standing or crouching, ect., the angles are totally intuitive, and it's fairly easy to get them right in a simple and deceptive manner. I have never enjoyed learning something quite this much.


Collection and Material Quality

This is probably the best quality teaching Collection? there is, out of all the Collection?s I?ve gotten, this by far has the best menu set-up?s, the best HD video and auto resolution, and the best lighting (important!), I mean the best, it?s good! The material (tricks/effects) is no different, I found at least 95% of the effects in this Collection to be really good effects that I wanted to do, and easily could do with the Distribution Technique (and most of it without having to learn a pass), which is so rare among Collection releases.

I?ve seen allot of top magicians say that "this move or that move" has unlimited utility and use?s, and that it will take you?re card magic to the next level_.. Well this move, is the only one so far, that I?, will say such a thing about. It will not only change and elevate you, your magic, and your whole perspective in the art forever, but it has silently done so to the art itself. It truly has.



If you happen to be a fan of utility moves, much like Chad Nelson's Clip Shift, that allows you to accomplish so many fantastic and truly magical effects that will take your magic performance to unseen heights. Then you owe it to yourself and the audiences you will absolutely stun with what you will learn on Irving Quant's Quantum Mechanics Collection.

First off, the production quality is top notch, as you can always expect from Dan & Dave, who put in a tremendous amount of effort into making everything easily accessible. The navigation to each of the demonstrations and then explanations can be played all together at once, or you can pick which you would like to see first. Video and sound are just as amazing as any of the Collection's you can expect from D&D.

Irving Quant does an outstanding job on both demonstrating how beautiful each effect is performed, and taking plenty of time in his teaching to make sure you get the sleights and each effect down as perfectly as can be.

There are 3 of the essentials sleights taught, however you can choose to either use just one of the sleights for some of my favorite effects, like the Samurai Cut. Or use them in combination to really create some of the most breath taking, eye popping freak out magic effects that will certainly leave you remembered in each spectators mind for the rest of their lives.

The insane variety of tricks that are taught on this Collection truly are some of the most astonishing pieces of magic that can be done with your own deck or even a borrowed deck of cards. Which is what I absolutely love about utility moves like this, some of the effects are simply too magical to be performed without gimmicks, all while being gimmickless! Irving is definitely sharing something special with the magic community by releasing everything that is taught on Quantum Mechanics. My absolute favorite effect that you will learn on this Collection is the Samurai Cut which I already made reference too, and can also be seen on the video demo. The only thing missing is an audience and their reaction, which I can tell you, is almost too much for some people to handle! The extremely visual nature of taking either four aces, four signed cards or even a royal flush poker hand, squaring them in the deck and then tossing the deck across a table. Only to find the deck cuts itself into four/five perfect piles with an ace/signed selection on top, it astounds ME every time I perform it as well!

If you thought the 3 amazing different sleights and 9 truly magical effects were enough, you also get 2 bonus effects (Ambitious Kings & Theron's Trick) along with 2 additional sleights (Multiple Peek Control & Switch Location). So right there you know the extra time, effort and thought that went into the making of this Collection is Irving, Dan & Dave's testament to providing you with the opportunity to learn something you will love learning, performing and even creating your own effects, with a utility move that is brilliant in its design and effectiveness to take your magic to another level.

So if you're a performer who wants to REALLY spice things up in your magic and turn in to 11! Then I cannot suggest this highly enough because it's something so special and unique that you have to perform it in person and for a live audience to literally see it blow minds or stun them to silence, where you can hear a pin drop and the sound of blinking eyes and their jaws hitting the floor. Add this to your collection and your performance and you will certainly be glad that you did. Thank you Irving Quant, this is to be treasured forever!



I had never heard of Irving Quant before seeing this Collection. After watching it, and hearing what he has to say, I definitely want to keep listening. Irving is a relaxed guy, who has a very casual performing style, and serious chops. If you session with a group of magicians, Irving seems like the type to just show up and not say a word until right before we all go home. He then does something that destroys everybody and leaves the room. The next week, everyone wants to be his best friend. If you are a card guy, and you buy this Collection, you will want Irving to be your new friend as well.

It?s hard to describe the key move that is focused on, but let?s just say that you will have a blast working on it, and you?ll actually be able to apply to effects for both magicians and lay peeps!

Now, since everything is focused around a single move, there isn?t a whole lot of variety as far as skill level. It?s all intermediate to advanced. That said, the effects are diverse enough, and the potential for more is apparent!

The Collection was produced by Dan and Dave Buck, so the quality is off the charts! They really seem to be striking a balance between cool street magic? and real world pro.?

As for the actual effects, there is a real mixed bag. The technique is used for transpositions, controls, ace cutting, and just blind luck. Imagine being able to just chuck a deck to the table where it scatters into five packets, and when the top card of each packet is turned over, you have a royal flush! No gaffs, no rough and smooth!

It?s clear that if you are a fan of card magic, or if you are just a move monkey, you will learn a lot from Irving Quant!

Highest Recommendation! Five Stars!



I have to say that this is a professional Collection. It was made to Dan and Dave standards. The single move for which this Collection is based is a really good move to add to your arsenal. The tricks are diverse but are all based on a single sleight. That is the only down side for the Collection. Otherwise I really enjoyed the Collection and am still practicing the move. It is easy in and of itself but the trick is keeping it from the audience. That is the hard part. But then again that is true of most moves. Bravo Mr. Quant.



This Collection is great there are so many things on it, like dan had said once you learn this effect you will be able to apply it to endless applications

Irving teaches you in very good detail and it is very VERY easy to understand with over the shoulder teachings and face to face teachings, i personally really like it, my favourite effect has gotta be pure slap its simple its direct and smooth i love it all round, i do recommend this Collection for people looking for new ideas, new concepts and different ways at looking at a deck of cards.

Sleight of hand at its finest.


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  • Paul asks: If I buy the Quantum Mechanics video do I need to also buy the Distribution Technique video and the Katana spread video? Are they also on the Quantum video? thanks

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Those are included in this download.
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