Red Herring

Magic download (video) by Benjamin Earl
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Red Herring

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Magic download (video) by Benjamin Earl ($10.00)

Ben Earl caused a SENSATION last year when we released his Less is More hardbacked book, as well as his deck-switching treatise. People know him for beautiful and intricate sleight-of-hand. Today we present a new side of Benjamin Earl, with this wonderful method to locate a freely selected card from a completely shuffled deck.

In a completely free manner a pack of cards is shuffled and a card is remembered. The pack is then given any number of shuffles and cuts, and yet the performer is able to instantly find the selected card.

Running time: 12 mins


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Customer reviews for Red Herring


the trick is really simple but in the meantime really amazing to practice .All is about the psychology behind the effect , and this is why i like so much the staff of Benjamin Earl



This is a really good, easy trick. It feels extremely fair for the spectator, but in the end you will always know the card that they are thinking of of without any hard moves.



This is a wonderful and very deceptive key card trick. The video is both informative and entertaining. It was great to see the performance and then get a step by step breakdown of how it was done. Keep these coming!



Simple, smart and deceptive. Can be used as a tool rather than as a trick on its own or as a trick on its own. I got it for free with purchases during Black Friday special.



Man this is so simple yet so good! The explanation is detailed enough to follow as well. I personally love self-working effects a bunch and this is one of those MUST get "semi-automatic" tricks for your repertoire.



This is a great effect! Easy to do and utterly stunning to the spectators. You can even jazz a bit in the performance. Love this!


Marco Batista

A very strong effect whith presentation and subtilness adding a lot to the perception of total impossibility with the bonus of no slight of hand at all!



The thinking behind this is great and can be applied to other effects. I showed a couple of people and they were speechless.



I'm glad I picked this up. It's really simple with all the work done in others hand and seems really impossible, but the secret work s already so many steps ahead.



Simple, yet baffling.
Reminds me a bit of CCC.



This trick, like Ramjollock, is really brilliant. The effect on spectators will be all out of proportion to the work involved.
It's easy to understand why Mr. Earl's helper (and I SWEAR I've seen him somewhere else, besides these two tricks...) stomps out of the room at the end, saying "I hate you!" in a loud, clear voice. There is simply no way to reconstruct what has happened.
I think if you were to do this trick at the start of a set, your spectators would get the message pretty clearly--you know what you're doing, you're not using a "trick deck," and they might as well just sit back and enjoy it, because there's no way they can keep up with you.



I think it’s a nice quick effect and very easy to do



A great effect that hits hard and will leave spectators stumped as to how you have managed this! Totally recommend



This short video class have such a powerful yet simple trick that just blowed my mind.



What a great trick! The trick could be performed with no moves whatsoever. The secret setup can be done right in front of your spectator without arousing any suspicion. Mr. Earl also gives some very good advice about how to subtly influence your spectator to increase the feeling of fairness.

All in all this a self-working card location of the highest caliber with some good tips on giving direction to a volunteer sprinkled on top. Highly recommended!


Wing Fung

I have been playing around this routine for a very long time.
Benjamin actually gave it out for free in the past.
In short, this fools layman and magician. It’s a self working fooler.



Super easy impromptu trick for when you get spectator who thinks you looked at the cards.



Sure fooled me, and yet it is self-working, and can be done with a borrowed deck! I will be using this to fool (at least some of) the magicians at some of the magic clubs I am in, after trying it out at Magi Fest in a few weeks. It is nice of Vanishing, Inc. to give this away for free. Thank you gentlemen!



Something so simple yet so fooling. You can pretty much perform this straight after watching in its most simplistic form, but take the theory and then combine iit th clever reveals and you have a miracle. It’s feels so fair and yet it’s not



Despite a decent selection of shuffled deck material - mainly lifted from John Bannon books - this is a fine addition. It shows how you can pile on levels of impossibility to a method to disguise a method that might (to a magician) look obvious. Like the Gambling Method and the Answer, this is another elegant impossibility.



I usually don't buy single CARD TRICK video downloads. But the trailer hits me. YES! It is a magician fooler and also a damn good card trick for layman, without any preparation and also with an incomplete deck. So, buy this. The guy in the performance is also GREAT. I love his reaction and this is authentic.



I fooled my friends hard with this one. You only need a normal deck of cards with a few nuances then your ready to go. Highly recommended!



I knew how this trick was done when watching the trailer but I received it as part of a promotion so I'm gonna review it.
It's a really clever and interesting variation of an old principle, much better and much nicer than the one I first learned.

It's super simple, can be done by beginners and starters. The 'setup' takes two seconds, no sleight involved. Can be done with any deck, even borrowed. The ending can be changed to suit your imagination.
And I know from performing it that it really gets awesome reactions.

Video is super clear, short, straight to the points.

If you like what you see, you're looking for something easy but impressive you can do anytime with any deck, then just grab it!



Simple straight-forward trick. As another reviewer said, it only takes 2 seconds to set up and it's done right in the open. Super simple, but cleverly deceptive.



It just seems so fair. Of course, it’s not. I’ll be performing this at family gatherings at Christmas. It’s really good.

Red Herring by Benjamin Earl