Reset 180°

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Reset 180°

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Magic download (video) by Pipo Villanueva ($7.00)

Pipo's vision for this modern classic of magic, Paul Harris's Reset, is a beautiful, fluid transposition. Pipo explains the routine in detail and also discusses some of the performance theory that makes this an incredibly pleasing effect.

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The effect Reset is a classic of magic. Reset 180° is bound to be a reputation maker for the average magic enthusiast. Don't believe me? Watch the performance video.

Pipo's detailed tutorial covers everything from why you do something to the detailed examples of the sleights involved. This routine is put together in a solid fluid performance that will become one of your favorite goto routines. Trust me, the little tidbits and subtleties you learn here will carry over into your other routines and moves you perform.



"Reset" is one of my favorite tricks. Unfortunately, due to the language barrier and Pipo's strong accent, the lesson itself can be quite hard to understand.

Reset 180° by Pipo Villanueva