Ribbon Control

Magic download (video) by Ricky Smith
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Ribbon Control

5.00 usd

Magic download (video) by Ricky Smith ($5.00)

A unique method for controlling a selection to the top of the deck while ribbon spreading the cards on the table. This tutorial is recommended for experienced card magicians with a basic knowledge of sleight of hand techniques.


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"I would pay to watch Ricky Smith open a milk carton." - Brad Fulton

I think that about sums it up.

Ricky is an incredible sleight of hand artist, and his thoughts and ideas are uniquely his own. In this video, Ricky teaches a great move using a working surface. This is an invisible control that is taught well and picked up quickly. However, I would buy the thing just to have Ricky entertain me.



Every table magician needs to know the most versatile, invisible card control. It needs to be the most natural control in order for it go by unseen. This one does it amazingly well. If you put in the practice, the spectators won't notice a thing. Very good, well worth the price.

Ribbon Control by Ricky Smith