Riffle Pass

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Riffle Pass

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Magic download (video) by Chad Nelson ($5.00)

Chad Nelson shares his thoughts on the classic Riffle Pass. Although the technique borrows ideas from many magicians throughout history, it's his own finessed touches that make this variation blazing fast and executable under fire as a color change.

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Chad has really detailed the move and broken it down into steps. His teaching is second to none. This will definitely take some practice to get it instant. I would only use this as a vanish or a color change, because the riffling really seems to work better and it looks odd if you use it as a control. I believe this is the best Riffle Pass tutorial on the internet.



The tutorial covers the move from how you should hold the decks to every details that Chad concluded from previous magicians and his own experiences. Before I watch this tutorial, I was never able to do the riffle pass. And after I watched this, I realized I was holding the deck the wrong way all along. This is not a normal mechanic grip, and that's the main reason that made me unable to do the riffle pass. Now, I'm still practicing the move, but it seems to be improved gradually. Also, Chad covers every details to make the move looks more impossible, more subtle, and more neat. In addition, he included an example of a trick that could be done using the riffle pass. In my opinion this is the best riffle pass tutorial.



I bought this OnDemand a long time ago. I had seen Chad's riffle pass in person years ago at a lecture as well as in his Collection SURFACED, and was blown away. I was hoping, perhaps naively, to learn the secret that makes his pass so much better than the ones I have seen before. As it turns out, the secret is practice haha. Should have known.

Don't get me wrong, there is a lot of good information here on the Riffle Pass, just not a whole lot of new information. I consider myself pretty well versed in the various sleights of card magic. I certainly do not know everything (or even close), but I do try to study many moves and learn as much about them as possible. With that knowledge in mind, I did not learn a whole lot from this video that I had not already seen in other sources.

If you are new to the Riffle Pass, I would say this is a great source for you to start. The camera work is standard Dan and Dave quality which makes it far superior to any other Pass videos I have seen on the market. And while I don't think that Chad had a whole lot of new ideas here, he sure as hell knows what he is talking about. The moves and motivations he teaches are spot on and I would highly recommend learning from him.

If however, you have already learned the Riffle Pass in detail prior to coming across this video, it may not be worth it for you. It never hurts to have many sources on the same move, but if this is the situation you find yourself in, I believe you will get more for you money from Nelson's Spread Pass OnDemand.

Riffle Pass by Chad Nelson