Roleplayer (Ebook)

Magic download (ebook) by Benjamin Earl
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Roleplayer (Ebook)

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Magic download (ebook) by Benjamin Earl (24.00)

When Benjamin Earl tells us that he's ready to publish his strongest card effect, we listen! In effect, a spectator freely names a card, they shuffle the deck multiple times and then find that card ... and its three mates. Best of all, it happens in their hands, and apparently without the performer touching the deck!

You can present 'Roleplayer' as a magic or gambling demonstration, It only requires basic skills and it is almost entirely self-working! However, more advanced approaches—to both effect and method—are also explained.

Roleplayer is our favorite kind of ebook: a long-form (46 page ebook) approach containing in-depth technical and psychological explanations

"Everyone buy this!!!" Chris Kenner

"A Masterpiece" Rune Klan

"A gem of the highest order." Michael Vincent


Customer reviews for Roleplayer (Ebook)

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Perfect for me even if I am no card specialist.
The ebook is very good with lots of alternative handlings of this effect.
One thing is the effect, but even better I find the psychology behind the manuscript/patter.
Easy to adapt to norwegian :)
I recommend it!



Trust me. Buy, this. Learn it, and you'll love the reactions of your spectators. I think that of all the card magic I do, this (especially in an intimate small setting) will just be the most incredible effect a spectator can experience. It is hands off, and brilliant. Only thing you must be good with is your communication and audience management.



You need to buy this. Ben mentions in the intro not to dismiss the effort. I bought this last night and killed with it twice



To be completely fair, I had understood the effect to be quite something totally different when I read the description.

That said, I did really like the effect. It felt quite self working and while the introduction explained it to be script heavy, I'd say that it works quite well with any variation of the script or misdirection to get the same effect. Perhaps not the most beginner friendly trick in the world. But as the description say's: you change place with the participant for a moment, and would therefor I think work wonderfully as a closer after mostly any sett of tricks.



I love Benjamin Earl's thinking. Roleplayer is a brilliant piece of magic. The instruction is clear and concise. His focus on the psychology and presentation are great. There is quite a bit of bonus material in this download, too.
I have been doing magic for over 40 years. My wife is my toughest critic. When I performed this for her she smiled and said "Ok, that was really really good."



I believe what Mr. Earl is really sharing with us here is a new way to think about interacting with our spectators. About how to put a twist on the usual roles magician and spectator often play.
The trick is special, but even if you don’t get anything from the methodology you can start to build a whole new framework of how to present by absorbing the passionate information he shares about empowering an audience.
This trick has inspired an entire 20 minute routine of “spectator as card cheat” where I barely have to touch the cards and my audience does all kind of spectacular things.
My brain never would have gone there is not for this material.
Mr. Earl writes with a clarity and heart that I would love to see more of in this community. He is so excited to share that you have to be excited to learn and it makes for a very enjoyable experience.



Genius. To quote the ebook, “simple does not mean easy” - that’s very true in this case. The methodology of the effect itself is very simple (essentially self working!), but the psychology and performance element will take practise.
This is an extraordinary, totally fair feeling, piece of work that can be performed as mentalist, a gambling demonstration, “invisible” sleight of hand. Literally anything you can imagine. Brilliant.



Do not hesitate to add to cart. This is a simple yet powerful effect. Knowing how simple the method is still brings a smile to my face. I have been performing the Aces version after having the spectator name a random card. I then follow the trick by performing the trick that never ends by Asi Wind to reveal the random card. Thank you Benjamin Earl for releasing this effect. Shout out to Asi Wind also.



Ben Earl has done it again, it what I believe to be his best release yet!
Ben has taken a simple idea from his book F is For Fiction and actually made it into a full performance masterpiece, that you can perform close-up, parlour, and even stage! What would it feel like for both you and your spectator to receive wonder in each and every performance. This is what this achieves! Bravo.



Benjamin earl is an amazing thinker, this ebook is great and once again he proves that amazing card tricks do not have to involve complicated sleights.
The very fact the spectator does 90% of the work in there hands makes this almost self working and extremely difficult to work out the method.
The psychology is extremely well thought out by Ben and he is fast becoming my favourite artist.



I am such a big fan of Benjamin Earl and this eBook is the reason why!
Roleplayer is a perfect piece of magic that is powerful and touching. This is something that is going right into my parlor show and that I will be ending it with!
Benjamin Earl has once again succeeded in performing magic that we will all use and I believe will be used for many lifetimes after we are gone.


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  • Elliot asks: How is this different to the answer by Ben Earl?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It’s an entirely different effect. In this effect, the spectator finds four of a kind - in The Answer, the magician finds a poker hand.
  • Alan asks: Is there a video?

    • 1. SGKYDUYEN answers: Nope! it does not come with a video
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  • George asks: Can you post a link to a performance? I wouldn't buy "sight-unseen"

    • 1. SGKYDUYEN answers: We do not have a performance video
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  • Kevin asks: is this easy to do

    • 1. SGKYDUYEN answers: It's easy to do ;)
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  • dean asks: Why not sell as a download? It would have my vote for that money, I like to see the work in action to be inspired to purchase it.

    • 1. Monte answers: e-book is available!
    • 2. Laurent answers: Any performance by Ben Earl is inspiring. He's probably one of the few magicians of our time who can really create complete and total amazement that is coming from deep thinking and relentless dedication to what constitutes pure magic. Watch any of his coin magic videos, his deck switch or really anything you can get your eyes on. For ÂŁ15 and Chris Kenner's endorsement, it's a no brainer.
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  • dean asks: Is there a performance link on the ebook download ?

    • 1. SGKYDUYEN answers: Nope! it does not come with any performance video at this moment
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  • Monte asks: I have read "There is this bonus effect "Red Herring"coming with RolePlayer". Is this true?

    • 1. Claude answers: Red Herring is well worth it's own purchase too!
    • 2. Michal answers: Unfortunately no. Vanishing, Inc. sells Red Herring as a separate effect. Red Herring is not included in the Roleplayer e-book.
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  • Kevin asks: Hi. Can you get into this from a shuffled deck or is there some set up required?

    • 1. SGKYDUYEN answers: You will need some setup, but the setup is quick and I assume that we can do with a shuffled deck
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