Seoul Jam - Download Bundle

Magic download (video) by ARCANA, Dobby, Joe and Ryu Ka
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Seoul Jam - Download Bundle

18.00 usd

Magic download (video) by ARCANA, Dobby, Joe and Ryu Ka (18.00)

In association with ARCANA Magic (a terrific magic company based in Seoul, South Korea), we are thrilled to offer you three fantastic downloads for the discount price of $15!

Submarine by Dobby
Dobby was featured in our Magic of South Korea Bundle last year. His thinking is alwas clever and he is one of the most interesting magician to watch that we know. In this download, he is going to teach you THREE routines which all use one very special move. It's the type of move that is addictive to practice.

Before reading on, you shoudl watch the trailer above. you will see DObby perform his version of "Waving the Aces". What makes this version so unique though is that there seems to be nothing untoward happening. The cards turn face down with no suspicious moves. It looks incrediblty magical!

In this 15 minute download, Dobby teaches you in detail everything you need to know about the special move and the three routines. It's an enjoyable watch and we know you'll have fun practicing these fooling routines!

Olive Oil and Pure Water by Ryu Ka 
Ryu Ka is a wonderful close-up magician from Japan but he has teamed up with Korean company, ARCANA, to produce this exclusive download for us. This is a quick, visual and fooling Oil and Water routine which is REALLY practical (and it is uses no gimmicks!).

Phase One introduces a simple and deceptive move which makes the first sequence impossiubly clean. The second phase is designed to leave the spectator with no direction to turn as the cards are mixed face up, one by one and then instantly separate.

If you already do an Oil and Water routine, we'd wager that the first phase of this could well become your go-to method. If you have not found an Oil and Water which takes your fancy, this is one of the finest ungimmicked versions we have seen!

Shocking Back by Joe
When ARCANA first approached us, their passion for classical magic really stuck with us. The more we got to know their featured artists, the more we watched in awe as we watched them make small tweaks to old routines and make them more modern, interesting and relevant. It is for that reason that we are thrilled to present this debut download by Joe.

Shocking back is a version of Ralph W. Hull's classic All-backs routine wherein you take a deck which has babacks printed on both sides, and step by step, casue it to turn into a regular deck. Along the way, you will find some really surprising moments of great magic, including finding the four aces in a startling way.

Joe's routine uses a very deceptive and practical technique we we don't see often. Giving it new life in this download, he is bound to inspire new ideas in your mind too

Running time: 51 minutes 27 seconds. 3 downloads, English subtitles.


Customer reviews for Seoul Jam - Download Bundle



The two phase Oil & Water is excellent. One very good "Face down" phase followed by a final phase where the cards are clearly mixed face up. Not hard to do.



I would not recommend this because the explanation is video only. There is no text or speech to explain anything. If they had hired an English speaker for the video , I am sure it would be good.


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