Magic download (ebook) by Eric Richardson
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Magic download (ebook) by Eric Richardson (12.00)

"In Sharp, Eric reveals the best version of the Card Stab I have ever seen ... PERIOD. Eric's routine fooled me badly." Michael Vincent
"Sharp is a thought-provoking journey of history, methodology and insight. Eric's 'Sharp Memory Stab' routine is a stunning performance piece that is dangerously deceptive. John Guastaferro

For hundreds of years the Card Stab effect has been a favorite effect of magicians and their audiences. Sharp, the second book of Eric Richardson's Journey Card Magic Series, offers new work on this classic effect. Eric's passion for the Card Stab effect spans decades and in Sharp, he tips his methods and routines. In Sharp you will learn how to:

  • Stab to any named (or selected) card in a spectator shuffled and wrapped deck.
  • Allow the spectator to stab to their own selected (or named) card.
  • Divine and then stab to a merely thought-of card in a spectator shuffled and wrapped deck.
  • Discern a card stabbed to in a spectator shuffled deck (with no glimpsing or sleight of hand).
  • And much more!

Sharp contains over 10 routines, advice on how to create your own reputation making routine and explores the history and theory of this classic effect. Eric shares his devious methods that have fooled some of the world's best magicians.

"In this latest collection, you will learn a myriad of outstanding approaches to the classic card stab, ranging from ones with preparation to others that are truly impromptu. Written in a beautifully clear style, Eric walks you through every detail so you can't fail to understand the material. What really stands out too in this collection is the attention to detail. The history of the effect is fully cited and you will come away truly inspired and enlightened!"John Carey

111 pages


Customer reviews for SHARP



The other reviewers said under priced... Under priced is an uunderstatement. Not only informative with history but informative of methodology.
If you are are the fence of getting this ebook, just hit the add to cart button.
Mr Eric Richardson, I would like to say thank you for your time, research, and abilities of writing in a clear and easy to understand way. I can now do a card stab with a FASDIU which can be borrowed.



This is way under-priced. If this book was printed on hardback it could retail for 60 dollars and it would still be a bargain. The author meticulously goes over the history and the different approaches and methods. This is the comprehensive book on the subject of stabbing to a card. By the way it's only 10 for over 100 pages of knowledge. Considering most 10 minute downloads nowadays are the same price, this is definitely under priced. The only better deal I can think of now for an eBook would be Magic in Mind (it's FREE). Great work Mr.Richardson



If you want to perform a card stab routine. I highly recommend purchasing Sharp by Eric Richardson. Personally I think it is underpriced.


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