Shin Lim Lecture (Experts at the Card Table 2020)

Magic download (video) by Shin Lim
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Shin Lim Lecture (Experts at the Card Table 2020)

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Magic download (video) by Shin Lim (18.00)

In this thirty-minute live tutorial Shin Lim discusses the technical style of card magic that has astounded audiences around the world. The focus is on the Lateral Palm and some innovative, new techniques using it.

"Experts at the Card Table" was a full day (seven hours) online convention hend on October 25th 2020, where we spent the day with some of the brightest lights in cards magic, who taught new routines, unpublished techniques, and detailed tutorials on cheating sleights.

The convention featured:

  • Karl Hein false shuffles workshop
  • Allan Ackerman lecture
  • Jason England Cheating
  • Jason England lecture
  • Andi Gladwin and Joshua Jay jam session
  • Shin Lim lecture

Running time: 33 minutes 19 seconds


Customer reviews for Shin Lim Lecture (Experts at the Card Table 2020)



in terms of creativity ,of technicality and fluidity
you have the cream of the crop ! I'm not saying that because he's a eyes closed because there is no waste !!!





great! I love this tech technique



It's great! I love this one



Shin Lim is truly marvelous I have followed him from Fism to now having his own show in Las veges. He is actually the person who inspired me to do magic. This lecture is wonderful if you want to learn longitudinal palm then like he says this is for you. Let me just say I have only been using the central he teaches for three weeks now and audiences are baffled and I love it. You absolutely have to get this one


Raul (Jay)

First of all, it’s an honor to learn from Shin Lim. I never knew that a successful magician would also make a great teacher. He does tend to speed through things quickly, but then again that all magicians can or shouldn't need to be great teachers. But Shin Lim is a tremendous performer, and just to have him teach some of his methods is a great honor.

I like the fact that he says that his magic is not “self working “. You actually have to work on these moves, and it does take a bit of practice. It makes sense though when you perform at live it looks beautiful in front of a live audience or when it is on video.

A combination of performance and teaching lets me know that good visual magic takes practice. I’d like to compare it to K-pop groups. They work so hard on their craft, day and day out, and you can see their performance is wonderful to enjoy.

So the great thing about Shin is that his card magic is great to watch when it’s performed to music. I will work on these moves as long as it takes to get it done because it’s going to look good, in the end, when I perform it live in front of anyone. I also have to remember that it’s my performance and not just a technical moves that make this type of magic entertaining.


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