Shooting Star Control

Magic download (video) by Jeff Prace
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Shooting Star Control

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Magic download (video) by Jeff Prace ($6.00)

In this casual control to the top, a card is merely tossed into the deck, in which it is then seen protruding half-way out. The magician then cleanly pushes the card flush with the deck. Without any further moves, the card is on top.

Although a bit knacky, it's a fantastic illusion that is imperceptible in the close-up environment.


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I have been looking for a card control that is deceptive and can be done regularly. I have been using this lately and I love it. The teaching was great and in good quality. The control is very deceptive when done properly and effective at fooling a small audience.



Although a bit knacky, it's an original and effective control. Nice!



This will take some practicing and a fair amount of throwing your cards on the floor however when it's pulled off it is a very nice control and looks impressive. Be warned: It is angle specific... I would advise practicing in a mirror to make sure you've got all angles covered for when you perform it for real.

Shooting Star Control by Jeff Prace