Silky Smooth Card Magic - Volume One

Magic download (video) by Lance Pierce
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Silky Smooth Card Magic - Volume One

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Magic download (video) by Lance Pierce ($12.00)

Lance Pierce is an underground legend and one of the finest practitioners of classical sleight-of-hand magic you will ever see. He is a student of Roger Klause and Michael Skinner, and it shows in his work. We are so proud to have two EXCLUSIVE downloads, found only here at Vanishing Inc. Magic. Each download is comprised of three tricks and one move, and BOTH downloads are worthy of your careful study. Here's what you'll find:

Aces Up: The four Aces are meticulously and fairly lost in the deck, only to rise back to the top. There is a moment in the performance of this effect--you'll know it when you see it--when Lance flashes some indifferent cards to show the Aces have not yet risen. This fooled us completely. Gorgeous routine.

A Logical Conclusion: Lance's masterful take on a Larry Jennings effect in which an entire packet of cards changes in the most unexpected manner.

Modern Follow the Leader: Lance puts his eloquent touch on the classic plot. This is, we think, the definitive version of this classic effect.

Deliberate Sidesteal Finesse: Lance adds a dribble into the middle of the Sidesteal action, which aids in making the sleight very casual and fair.


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Customer reviews for Silky Smooth Card Magic - Volume One



Wow! What a great set of effects! Aces Up is my favorite so far but every effect is great! Excited to get Volume 2!



These two offerings from Lance are GREAT! Silky Smooth is the perfect name for Lance's work. Just beautiful and well thought out. So far my favorite is Lance's take on Follow the Leader. Entertaining and baffling as hell!



Just recently rewatched both videos in this series and they are excellent. The effects are very good and within the reach of any card magician with practice. Lance teaches everything very clearly. The moves taught are good utility sleights and can be used for other tricks. Highly recommended.



Great, great download! Aces Up is a very good effect, people will see you as a card god and no one that sees you perform it will ever want to play cards with you. Lance teaches a Vernon’s finesse that is really really good.

The modern follow the leader is also great, I loved it, it’s not difficult, easy to remember for the performer, easy to follow for the audience and a very strong piece of magic. Lance not only teaches his finesse on the deliberate side steal, he also teaches variations and where to find them. A logical conclusion is good, not my favorite of the download, but good.

Lance is a great teacher and gives credit to creators. You cannot go wrong with this one.



Excellent! Aces Up is very sweet for sure. Lance's handling of the side steal is well worth you attention. Highly recommended.



A very good video production.
These routines are Brilliant.
Each routine starts with a demo, then an explanation tutorial with faceing camera shots, which is then followed by another full explanation tutorial, which includes some over the shoulder camera shots. He is a very good teacher with the way he explains the methods that he uses, which are really cool to do, he also includes references to were some off these moves originated from, including the methods that he has included.
These are Amazing Routines.
This download by Lance Pierce is just AWESOME CARD MAGIC.



Lance Pierce is billed as an "underground legend," and then proceeds to show you what an underground legend does with a deck of cards. What is that, exactly? Well, watching Lance is what I imagine the "Vernon Touch" must have looked like: perfectly executed sleights in an unhurried and non-assuming manner. If you are a card guy, don't miss this, since there is so much to be learned here, from the tricks themselves, to how a calm demeanor and unhurried mannerisms can strengthen an effect. Lance's work is inspiring, as far as I am concerned. I am so glad I bought these and I have put his other stuff in my VI "Wishlist."



Lance is a wonderful teacher!!!






Excellent card magic! I'll be adding some of the material to my repertoire. And I'm thinking of existing routines where Lance's sleights can be used as alternate methods.



Purchased for Aces up. Love it. Not much of interest other than that.