Sixty Nine

Magic download (video) by Dan and Dave Buck
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Sixty Nine

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Magic download (video) by Dan and Dave Buck ($5.00)

Here's a fun packet trick that you'll love to perform. The four sixes are shown while the performer jokes about how if he turns the six around and change it to a nine (pointing to an upside down six from the spectators point of view). The next time the performer turns them around, they really do change to nines and the cards can be handed out for examination.


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When people find out I do magic and ask me "Show me a trick", this is what I show them. The set up is a little odd to get into, but once it's all set up it's perfect. I try to shy away from the "Pick a card, any card, here's your card" because they are so typical. This trick is perfect that I can just present it, let it linger a bit, and let them ask for more! It's a perfect opener to spike their interest.



I actually really like this!! I don't normally like packet tricks but this is one of the best I've seen!!! It's Brilliant! So surprising for your spectators, they never see what's coming!! Awesome!



This is a packet trick, but it provides very visual card change because you don't have a deck in your hand, so the 4 cards do change into another 4 cards. The idea of 6 and 9 is also nice. Moreover the trick is easy to do, and the ending (the way of showing 4 cards) is very clean. And you can apply the idea to other tricks too.

Sixty Nine by Dan and Dave Buck