Sky Vanish

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Sky Vanish

9.95 usd

Magic download (video) by Sultan Orazaly ($9.95)

A perfectly visual, jaw-dropping vanish that happens in thin air! If you could truly perform real magic, it would look like Sky Magic!

It takes 5 minutes to make this incredible gimmick and you can perform with astounding 180 degree angles.

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Community questions about Sky Vanish

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  • Dwayne asks: Can this be performed in person and close up?

    • 1. Anthony answers: Yes, it can be. You only meed to watch the angles on your far left.
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  • Tommy asks: Can this be made to work with any design poker cards?

    • 1. Stefan answers: Yes.
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  • David asks: the materials you need to build the gimmick are easy to find?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes, they are.
  • Daniel asks: could this be adapted tp other small objects, e.g. coin, sharpie, folded bill?

    • 1. Jim answers: It would depend on the object. Paper items should work fine.
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Customer reviews for Sky Vanish



The trailer makes this seem otherworldly, with the card looking like it's deleted out of the performer's hands. After building this gimmick and playing around with this, the results are subpar. To the spectators and in the mirror, it looks exactly like what's actually happening behind the scenes. I -seriously- wouldn't be surprised if the makers cut frames out of their video to make the change look better. This has some good ideas in it that can be worked on if someone wants to learn some gimmick creation, but the trailer severely oversells the effect.

Sky Vanish by Sultan Orazaly