Spectacle (eBook)

Magic download (ebook) by Stephen Minch and L&L Publishing
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Spectacle (eBook)

30.00 usd

Magic download (ebook) by Stephen Minch and L&L Publishing (30.00)

Nearly 30 amazing routines from some of the biggest stars in magic!

Seldom have so many of magic's elite so generously contributed select effects from their repertoires as is seen here. In the pages of Spectacle, Stephen Minch assembled a wealth of exceptional magic from craft's brightest talents. Card magic, coin tricks, close-up magic, mentalism, parlor magic and stage magic are all represented in this legendary text.

Now available in eBook format, "Spectacle" features first-rate, performance-tested material from some of the most respected performers and creators in magic history. There is something for every magic taste and skill level. Magicians in search of astonishing, professional-quality magic will find nothing less. Each item is thoroughly explained in both words and drawings.

Contributors to spectacle include:

  • Tommy Wonder
  • Daryl
  • David Roth
  • Finn Jon
  • Jonathan Pendragon
  • Lisa Menna
  • Rudy Coby
  • Richard Kaufman
  • Michael Rubinstein
  • Jeff McBride
  • Peter Samelson
  • Ray Kosby
  • Bill Goodwin
  • Jay Sankey
  • Ray Grismer
  • David Solomon
  • Geoff Latta
  • James Dimmare
  • Gary Lee Williams
  • Rick Anderson
  • David Regal
  • Paul Cummins
  • Rocco
  • Louis Falanga
  • Mike Montgomery!

168 pages | 139 illustrations.


Chapter One: Cards

  • The Cinderella Card-Stab - Lisa Menna
  • The Tsunami Card Rise - Rudy Coby
  • Deadlier than the Male - Geoff Latta
  • Baby Face - David Regal
  • The Face-Up Rub-a-Dub-Dub Vanish - Jay Sankey
  • Color (Re)Set - Louis Falanga
  • Never the Twain Shall Mix - Ray Kosby
  • The Coffin Change - Ray Kosby
  • A Case of Mistaken Identity - Bill Goodwin
  • The Double-Lift Pass - Richard Kaufman
  • Economy Flight - David Solomon
  • On Call - Paul Cummins

Chapter Two: Coins

  • Counterfeiter's Spellbound - Tommy Wonder
  • From the Elfin Howard - Geoff Latta
  • Elbow, Knee and Neck - Daryl
  • Limbo in China - David Roth
  • Spinning Silver - Peter Samelson

Chapter Three: Close-Up Miscellany

  • Confessions of a Bubble-Gum Addict - Mike Montgomery
  • Carbon Copy - Jeff McBride
  • The New Theory Chop Cup - Finn Jon
  • The Sicilian Defense - Rocco Silano
  • Firefly - Michael Rubinstein
  • Lingering Illusion - Jay Sankey

Chapter Four: Mentalism

  • The Janus Predictions - Ray Grismer
  • Hitchhiker - Gary Lee Williams
  • Lasting Impression - Jay Sankey
  • The Hand That Speaks - Jonathan Pendragon

Chapter Five: Stage

  • The Astaire Change - James Dimmare
  • Solid-State Salt Pour - Rick Anderson

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