Spotlight on Cards

Magic download (video) by John Carey
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Spotlight on Cards

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Magic download (video) by John Carey (12.00)

John Carey is back with another download packed full of his traditional blend of commercial, easy, and direct card magic. We think that this one is his best yet, with practical, solid routines along with John's clear explanations. You'll learn:

Stealth Aces: a variation of a John Bannon Ace Assembly that is impromptu, easy, and direct.

Reset All The Way: Paul Harris' Reset has been given the Carey treatment, turning it into an effective little packet trick. Four Aces transpose with four Jokers, then back again and it's as clean as it can be!

Kickback Assembly: a streamlined version of the classic plot, with an ending that will fool magicians, and surprise laypeople!

Wild Thing: a small-packet Wild Card routine using just the four Aces. This effect will find its way into your walkaround repertoire, we're sure of it!

Aces for Larry: a little-known Larry Jennings effect combined with some John Carey touches, make for a great, direct quick effect that is considerably easier than the Jennings original.

Running time: 31 minutes


Customer reviews for Spotlight on Cards

VI Monthly


Excellent! Simple workers on a common set of themes—you wouldn't necessarily want to do more than one of these in a set, because many are quite similar in effect, but pick and choose for the subtleties that go with the other effects you're planning. Also a nice review of some useful utility sleights, including one that's super easy and convincing but that I'd not encountered before. Recommended.



Superb tricks from John carey again,excellent streamlined magic.



Great stuff here. These could be best described as packet tricks with ungimmicked cards. Two are truly impromptu and you can assemble the packets on the fly, but Reset All the Way and the Kickback Assembly require a number of identical cards (Carey uses jacks). The effects are really quite astonishing--especially so, as they require minimal sleights.

Stealth Aces and Kickback Assembly are actually similar type ace assembly type effects, but both are unique enough to stand alone. Stealth aces is a traditional ace assembly trick but Kickback Assembly requires 4 identical cards. Otherwise, they are two peas in a pod with different sleights. If you do Stealth Aces with jokers, you could then repeat the trick by doing the Kickback Assembly--on the premise of doing more open and honest in presentation--and get a lot more gasps than you did the first time around.

Reset All The Way is the most sleight and procedure heavy trick of the bunch, where aces and jokers transpose in mysterious ways. Still, it's well within the grasp of the beginning to intermediate card handler.

Wild thing is a quick gem of a trick where 3 indifferent cards change into all ace of diamonds and then the kicker comes where the cards transform into the 4 aces.

I was very pleased with this purchase. Clever construction reduces the needs for heavy sleight of hand. Sure these are muggle foolers and not necessarily magician foolers, but all the tricks herein are high impact. There's lots of bang for the buck. Highly recommended.



John Carey is a really nice and charismatic magician. I love his practical handling in any situation and the brilliant ideas and subtleties he put in all his routines, following the example of other greats artists, which I love, as Aldo Colombini and Nick Trost.


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