Staircase Studies

Magic download (video) by Alix Becle
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Staircase Studies

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Magic download (video) by Alix Becle (9.60)

Staircase Studies is a beautiful collection of original cardistry performed and explained by Alix Becle. Her smooth style and innovative concepts are inspiring to watch and will surely influence ideas of your own. From the fluidity of Velvet, the abstract construction of Opium, or the nimble mechanics of Fawkes, each flourish in Staircase Studios is showcased and then explained in slow motion.


Customer reviews for Staircase Studies



Great little flourish, love it!



I've been following Alix back from when she released her first cardistry videos and I just love her style. Fawkes is an amazing, short and sweet cut. It's a tiny bit knacky, but not knuckle busting. It's really satisfying when you first get the hang of it and manage to pull it off. It's also a great warm-up cut and a great cut to spark your creativity.



Tutorial is great! Slow, clear and smooth motions. This was y first set of cardistry two handed cuts that I have learned and they look and feel amazing.



The instruccion is detailed, the camera angles are good to understand what is doing each finger.



I think the tutorials are not enough detailed. At least for me.



clear instruction, easy to follow, good for beginners



This was described as a "collection of original cardistry performed and explained by Alix Becle". There are only 3 flourishes, and none of them is explained at all. They are demonstrated, slowly enough, from various angles, but an actual explanation would have been helpful. Instead I kept having to go back and peer at the picture trying to work out which finger was doing what - and it isn't easy to manipulate the video when one's hands are trying to hold position on a few packets of cards!
I was very disappointed that there were only 3 flourishes in the "collection" too.
I must stress that none of my dissatisfaction is down to Alix Becle, who seems very adept at inventing and demonstrating her flourishes. It is the fault of "Art of Magic" for misrepresenting what was being sold.


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