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Magic download (video) by Mark Elsdon, John Guastaferro, Luke Jermay, John Carey, Christopher Rawlins and (Free)

This is new for us: we have assembled six of our very favorite close-up card tricks to perform, by six Vanishing Inc. artists, into one download FULL of useable material. The material was chosen for ease of handling, impact on an audiece, and the creator's preferences. In other words, these are some of the CREATOR'S favorites.

Traditionally this 1 hour, 20 minute download would sell for $25 or more. But it's entirely FREE. We WANT you to love these creators, and learning magic via download. So enjoy for the next seven days, and let us know how the tricks go over with people!

Think a Think by John Carey: Renowned for his hard-hitting card magic, this is perhaps our favorite John Carey effect. It's the best impromptu Do-as-I-Do effect we know, and it's easy as pie.

Biddleless by John Guastaferro: John G is a perennial favorite at Vanishing Inc., and John has suggested Biddleless for inclusion in this collection. It's a natural, relaxed, and powerful handling on a trick you might already think you know, but using a move by John Bannon makes the whole thing much slicker.

Flash Mix by Bebel: France's Bebel is as innovative as he is smooth. He is rarely seen on video, and this is a stunning, quick sequence to add to your favorite Oil and Water routine.

Queen Revelation by Mark Elsdon: This is a lovely routine of mindreading and card selection...wherein you end with the location of four Queens.

Credit Guard by Chris Rawlins: What a clever idea! It's Russian Roulette with a borrowed credit card, ending by predicting the last four digits of the credit card itself.

Out of this World presentation by Luke Jermay: An expert's treatise on presenting and refining this classic effect.


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  • Joseph asks: Hi, what is the OOTW handling that Luke refers to?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Luke's handling is not published, I am afraid. But his intention is to highlight the wonderful presentation.
  • William asks: Hi, about the Luke Jermay trick, is it only about presentation and no method?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes it is focused on how to present the effect.
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I was really surprised at how good the material is on this download. I mean most companies (not that many) have a free video download of some kind or other. However it will not have much in the way of newer magic or very high caliber magic so this was a real treat coming from a place that always takes care of those that are most important...the customer. Thank you Jay and Andi for all your thoughtful gestures.



Thank you. I have enjoyed this download. Very nice of you guys to putt this on for free.



The material in this download is very good: practical and well explained. Many thanks for making it available for free even this late (Jan. 2019)!



It's a great idea to give away these insightful downloads, out makes me want to get more! I love the fact that you can get the rationale behind performance techniques. Once you understand why a performer presents their trick, you can refine it to your own style. This download reveals how what might seem like apparently superfluous moves are crucial for misdirection or convincing, and enables you to look at these tricks with new eyes, which has inspired me to take a fresh approach with a few classics I'd forgotten about.



Easily worth paying for. Here's my review and also TIMES for when each trick starts.

Opening trick: Think-a-Think by John Carey. Worth watching just for the bold force technique.

07:29: Queen Revelation Mark Elsdon. Didn't care for this personally - lots of deal into packets, now move this card, now do this. It's a decent self worker that happens mostly in the spectator's hands but I can't see myself using it as my first impression holds - lots of procedure. The 'kicker' of producing all 4 queens at the end is the best part of the effect, and there are good bits in the methods though. Just over all not for me.

12:47: OOTW Luke Jermay. He doesn't discuss the method, but he does give some good thoughts on performance. This is such a good trick it's always nice to see variations of it. A shame he doesn't discuss his method because it looks uber-clean.

24:52: Biddleless by John G. Really nice way to reverse the chosen card in the deck. So easy and natural-looking.

30:10: Credit Guard by Chris Rawlins. Long winded as a video, but in person I can see it holding your attention as the stakes are high. The methods are blindingly simple but he gets a lot of mileage out of them.

1:11:37: Flash Mix by Bebel. A stunningly fast triumph effect. Presentation and explanation in French, but subtitled. A few actual sleights here! But nothing too complicated.

Final thoughts: The highlights for me are the Flash Mix and the Think-a-Think force. Both deserve practice. Probably Flash Mix is the best of the bunch, but it's also the hardest. The Think-a-Think force is bold and looks like great fun to perform but in all honesty there are so many ways to force a card it's not really necessary to learn another in my opinion. I think the hidden gem is probably Biddleless - deserves a rewatch.

Free Video Download by Mark Elsdon, John Guastaferro, Luke Jermay, John Carey, Christopher Rawlins and Bebel