Magic download (video) by Chad Nelson
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Magic download (video) by Chad Nelson (48.00)

Learn the most visual card magic ever created and a revolutionary technique called the Clip Shift that will change your card magic forever.

The Clip Shift is a utility move, like a double lift. It can also be used to palm a card, as a color change, a control, a pass and so much more. It's a move with infinite possibilities and on Surfaced are some of Chad's favorite applications and tricks.

Detailed instruction shot with two cameras in high definition for a crystal clear learning experience.


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Absolutely magnificent



Good magic



When I first started learning the clipshift, it was impossible. But after a year of practice, I developed the strength and dexterity to learn the move in one week. This is the proof that anything is possible in magic and life. So, grab the deck, and practice. This is such a useful and fantastic move. It is my favorite one handed move by far.



I think this move has such a wide spectrum of applications that there is so much more to be discovered. Some of the most beautiful things you can do with the Clipshift are the palms and controls - Literally you dribble the cards and it is either in palm or on top! The colour changes are absolutely incredible!! The Clipshift is the best one handed colour change in existence.

On to the Collection. The quality is impeccable and I think that the reason I learned the shift in reasonable time is because of the amazing teaching on the Collection. The use of a super slow motion Clipshift to study was my favourite.

The effects vary from beginner to advanced- the more advanced the more visual (and I mean visual). Freefall and clean hook have to be my favourite effects!

If the trailer isn't enough to convince you to purchase this then here are some words from me.

When I first started learning advanced sleight of hand I learnt move after move (colour changes, productions, vanishes and controls) However If I had just learnt the Clipshift I would have been able to do all those moves deceptively and visually in a quarter of the time. Now the only vanish I use is a Clipshift-It has made all my regular moves obsolete!!

The truth is, this Collection is incredible value.



The Clip Shift by Chad Nelson is the first utility sleight I learned that has completely changed my performance and performance style. The sleight is so quick and clean that it really does look like real magic, or one of the closest at least. Of course this was quite a difficult sleight to learn and refined to the point where I can perform it without even a thought, and from what I heard, I'm not the only one who hand some difficulty in the beginning. But let me tell you, once you get over the difficult aspect and start to improve, you'll be blown away by all of the endless applications you can use this amazing utility sleight of hand for, really magical.

As for the teaching, Chad Nelson does a superb job on teaching you how to do the Clip Shift each step at a time. In fact, I've never seen anyone take as much time teaching a particular sleight, the same way Chad Nelson does in over 25 minutes using a deck and then a clear omni deck. After you've learned the basics and can do the Clip Shift with confidence and grace, you're given the option on learning how to use the Clip Shift with one handed color changes, palming and even a one handed pass. Not to mention 7+ effects taught by Chad Nelson utilizing the Clip Shift, among other sleights that can vary up to advanced material. However, with Chad teaching you each step of the trick with patience and clarity, so you won't have that much of a difficulty learning them.

The picture and sound quality are top notch on this Collection so you won't ever have to turn up the volume just to hear because of poor audio quality. It's from Dan & Dave so you KNOW it's going to be top quality!

In closing, the Clip Shift is truly an amazing utility sleight that any serious close-up magician should be using in their performances. There is no limit to what you can achieve with a little bit of your imagination and blow people away with only using one hand! One suggestion I would give to someone who wants to learn this, after you've learned the Clip Shift real well, get a Mental Photography deck. Spread through the deck showing all of the cards to be blank, then place the deck in the hand you perform the Clip Shift with and drop the other hand to your side. All you have to do now is, perform the Clip Shift as a color change and then show the deck to your spectators which now looks like a completely printed deck of cards! Buy this Collection and you'll see the endless and magical potential of a truly amazing and original utility sleight!


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