Magic download (video) by Patrick Kun
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Magic download (video) by Patrick Kun (12.00)

Surge: A New Breakthrough in the Impromptu Card Rise

When you look at the video for this sleight, what do you see? We see a card rise that looks, well, perfect. No telltale signs, a slow and eerie rise, and a handling that would suggest (to us) some kind of clever gaff.

We are so pleased to tell you that this rise uses NO GAFFS. It is COMPLETELY impromptu, and can be done with any deck of cards you might buy. It does not alter or destroy the pack in any way, and you can even perform it with many borrowed packs.

What about the angles? The angles are as good as any card rise--nobody can be behind you, but the method allows for spectators near the sides.

And difficulty? This was the clincher for us. As amazing as it looks, it is something you can pick up instantly.

So for ten dollars, we offer you a slick, professional tutorial that will teach you a trick you can do anytime, anywhere, with any deck—and a trick strong enough to close even a formal performance.

That's real value for your time. That's Vanishing Inc Magic.

Running time: 8 minutes, 15 seconds.


Customer reviews for Surge



I like the Impromptu nature of this card rise. The rise looks very good. Patrick's teaching is clear and direct.
I think the cost of this download is reasonable.



A fantastic download, indispensable!!! This includes two different rising card tricks, both as easy to do. Patrick Kun's explanation is clear and simple. You can be doing this in minutes. A chosen card rise, and two different cards risings-chosen card color change, and you end clean. Just a deck, tuck box, no ditching, swapping, servante- just a deck of playing cards and tuck box. Everything inspectable and looks good as a gimmicked rigged card rise. You also control the speed of the rise giving you a more control of the routine(s). This rise can be done anytime and anywhere- even impromptu with a spectators own "brand new" deck. All I can say is ENCORE! I wholeheartedly appreciated Patrick's teaching download-everything you want clarity, its visual, practical, easy to do, and gets real awesome reactions. Very simple, yet very clever thinking from Patrick Kun, as always. I am one of Patrick Kun’s biggest fans-many tricks, added value presentation’s, and always look forward to the latest from him in the future.. Thank you, Vanishing INC, for showcasing this download.





A great download, easy to follow, this includes two different rising card tricks, both easy to do, one chosen card rise, and two different cards rising, for the chosen card colour change, and you end clean, No IT, No Loops, No Holes in the back of the Tuc Box and No Ditching, just a deck of playing cards, (cellophanne wrapped).



The trick was very easy to do and is angle proof. You dont need to make any fancy gimmicks and the trick is easily repeatable because it doesn’t need any set up time.



Great impromptu rising card. Although you might want to find the "perfect" deck, you can do it with any box. Everything is totally examinable and looks good as a gimmicked version. But you can also control the speed of the rise as well. Giving you a lot more control. The drawback is you can't let the participant hold the deck but it is totally impromptu.



This is a great trick! I will try not to give away the secret, but their is only one prop needed for the trick to be executed. I advise buyers to have a brand new (with wrapping and seal and everything still on it) deck prior to purchase. Because of this, I was not able to practice the trick until I had a brand new deck. Great effect. No strings, no magnets, just a great trick.



I saw one of my magic heros, Michael Vincent, endorsed this and since It was only $10, I took a chance.

I learned it ( takes about 5 minutes ) and went out and performed it.

You will fry people with SURGE. It's a worker, plain and simple. Even if you have a favorite gimmick method for a card rise, Everyone should have a non-gimmick way to perform any favorite plot.

And the best part is the color change. The card rises ( which is spooky to them )'s not their card. And then you turn the garden hose on them and turn it into their card.

Chris Kavanagh
New York City



@Chad Rees: The methods behind Surge and Duplex are completely different.



I love that color change. It really adds to the whole effect.

Although I am a bit confused I saw a trick like this one over at another magic website and it looks identical and seems to have the same method. I am curious to know what one of these effects is the original? The other effect is called Duplex by Kevin Schaller. If anyone at Vanishing inc. know I would love an email about who came up with this first.



I got the video, and everything vanishing inc. said was right. great trick worth the $10.



I thought this was great.

Visual, very powerful and easy to do, in fact when I tired it, I was very impressed with how good the rise was

Excellent value for money

Mike Vincent



This is exellent!! Great Job, Patrick. Cool, easy to do, clever handling.



very good, easy to do and practical for table hopping, very well thought



All I can say is WOW! Its everything you wan in a magic trick, its visual, practical, easy to do, and gets great reactions. Very clever thinking from Patrick Kun, I hope to see more from him in the future.



This trick is amazing! It's clever, gets great reactions and isn't even hard to do! Patrick teaches the trick very well. I really recommend getting this.. Great trick for only $ 10.


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