Svengali Control

Magic download (video) by Chad Nelson
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Svengali Control

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Magic download (video) by Chad Nelson ($8.00)

Svengali Control is an ingenious multiple shift that allows any number of cards to be controlled to the bottom of the deck in the casual manner of a dribble. It's so deceptive, it can even be done at a snails pace with nothing to suspect.


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Customer reviews for Svengali Control


I love this shift. If I want to control multiple cards to the bottom, the Svengali Control is always my first choice!



Basically, this tutorial is about controlling cards using svengali dribble. This control is very subtle. You can do the svengali dribble to prove that there is no break, and yet the cards are already on the bottom. This control's gonna be my favorite control in many tricks.

Moreover, by using svengali dribble, you can also use it to show a false shuffle to audiences.



This control is great. It is very deceptive and looks great as well. Chad covers the sleights in great detail and also teaches a great false shuffle. If you don't have this already I suggest you get it! Great job Chad!



An amazing control that you will use on a daily basis! The move is easy to pick up and the extras Chad teaches are priceless as well! Great move for a great price.



I love the Svengali Control.
Its great to see Chad hasnt been asleep since coming up with the mother of all moves: The Clip Shift.
He knows his roots and his work is an expansion of the sacred and cherished ideas known and burried in the classic canon of our art. As he expounds his ideas I cant help but picture him shoulder to shoulder at the table with Vernon, Marlo, and Zarrow.
This Svengali Control looks so good, it happens in the moment of the rest, the breath, the beat between the heat; The card is buried- rest/the control - now the revelation.
I'll get this down and use it in my work.
Thanks Chad.
Thanks D&D and Art Of Magic

Svengali Control by Chad Nelson