Swindle Controls

Magic download (video) by Andi Gladwin
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Swindle Controls

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Magic download (video) by Andi Gladwin (12.00)

This download brings together cofounder and card innovator Andi Gladwin with famed creator and author David Regal. We're so pleased both make their Vanishing Inc. debut in this seminal release. 

Q: What do you get when you put Andi Gladwin and David Regal in a download together? 
A: You get two different, but similar simple, elegant ways of controlling a selection to the top.

Q: These moves look flawless, but how long will they take to learn?
A: That's the good news: you'll get both controls the first time you try them, and then you'll have two practical top controls in your repertoire forever. We offer a lot of challenging downloads on Vanishing Inc., but this one is a refreshing, easy departure. 

Q: Do these controls do anything else?
A: Yes! Variations of the controls are taught to use them as switches, forces and more. 

Q: Cool. How can I learn these right now?
A: Click the green Add to cart button to buy this download.

Running time: 14 minutes, 34 seconds.


Customer reviews for Swindle Controls



Very useful control. Good to start an ambitious card routine.





Well Andi, to think that you can make something look so convinving by actualy doing nothing, no offence, it just realy opens my eyes to how convincing something can be if rehersed and performed well.

I'm not sure how the more expirienced card handlers will like it by I loved it.

David your swindle was no less convincing and thanks for all the extra's. I will be sitting in front of this down load for a while just playing with the extra little bits for good practice on both controls.

Thanks heaps guys.


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