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Magic download (video) by Simon Black ($12.00)

From Simon Black comes a resurrection of one of our favorite sleight of hand techniques. Swivel, the product of Simon's tireless study of the original move, expands and refines Earnest Earick's Longitudinal Swivel Steal, first published in By Forces Unseen.

Today, with the aid of Swivel, you'll enjoy Simon's thinking behind the Longitudinal Swivel Steal and a variety of applications we're sure will keep you busy for hours. Whether it's a triple-change, control, or incredible production, Swivel is only limited by your imagination.

If you're ready to expand your knowledge of the classics, look no further. Swivel offers a modernist approach to one of our all-time favorites.


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The swivel move was my favourite move before this download and after watching, that has just been reinforced. The longitudinal swivel steal is a move I think every serious card magician/ sleight of hand enthusiast/ person should know and the teaching in this download will have you picking up, what is a difficult move, fairly quickly. The trailer shows just some of the ingenious applications Simon has come up with, which will probably persuade you to buy it anyway but as soon as you learn the move and applications, you'll be thinking of your own ideas immediately. Like I said, a must have!

Ps. The binary change is probably worth the price alone- it's beautiful



Every once in a while one comes across a sleight that just feels right when executing it. Lesser often is said sleight practical in a variety of performing conditions. Swivel proves that we can have the best of both worlds - a versatile utility move which also feels natural in action. Clear and concise instruction coupled with Simon's poise and subtle humor made this a pleasure to watch, but I can't wait to nail this down and start using it. The sandwich load alone was worth the price of admission. If you're a serious student of our art, you'd be remiss to overlook this gem. Well done, Simon Black/Toby. I'm confident Mr. Earick would tip his hat to Swivel.

-T.J. Haskamp



Simon is a friend of mine and from the moment I met him I could tell how amazingly creative and efficient he was with a deck of cards. It was my pleasure to purchase this download and it is beautifully filmed and thoroughly explained with so many applications! The download was worth every penny and should be something everyone has been able to watch!



What Simon has done here is amazing and brilliant in every way I can not recommend this move enough simply because this has to be one of the most well thought out and intelligently explained tutorials on here. He has taken a classic move, the longitudinal swivel steal by Ernest Earick and completely made it his own. 5 out of 5 with out a doubt you are getting a lot a bang for your buck with this tutorial.



The move you get when you pay, is so versitile, it replaces almost any of my top-controls, colour changes and productions. Simon presents a complete course rather than a tutorial. It is over 30 minutes long and includes so many productions, controls, changes and ideas, it could fill a whole Collection. It is so fun to practice and - different from other difficult sleight of hand moves - it is so good when it's presented live. When you have practiced enough it seems like you just show one hand empty, you grip the deck and show your second hand empty, and with a wave of your hand the selection appears. No control needed, very good angles. Buy this magnificent piece of sleight of hand magic.



I love this move and so fun to practice and perform. It is explained amazingly and had manny diffrent uses. One of the best purchases I've made.



Definitely full of knuckle-busting moves, but it's easy to follow. Simon explains everything very clearly. All you have to do is practice, practice, practice. Great move, great applications, great download overall!

Swivel by Simon Black