Magic download (video) by Lee Asher
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Magic download (video) by Lee Asher ($4.00)

A flourish can be much more than a beautiful exhibition of skill. For instance, just controlling the top stock of the deck during a visual mid-air cut is advantageous and intelligent, but being able to control the entire deck - is smarter. Displays with functionality are the ones that tend to be used most in performance. 

If you agree, then Lee Asher's Sybling is built specifically for you. This highly stylized, full-deck, false cut is suited for beginners and designed to emphasize the power of the routine it's used in. Created in homage to Chris Kenner's classic cut, 'Sybil,' this graceful maneuver is guaranteed to impress all watching. 

Grab your deck and learn this stunning technique right now.


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This flourish is easy yet very classy - just the right amount of flourish. The download is clear and in Dan's hands it really just looks beautiful.



This flourish is fantastic, especially for beginners! I absolutely love it, and with a bit of experience, it was very easy to pick up, and not difficult to get to a point where you can make it look wonderfully smooth! As always, the teaching is very detailed and clearly expressed... I have to say, having someone speak instructions to you, as well as having the visual cue, is the best way to learn flourishes!

Love this move, its beautiful and relatively easy to perform!



This is a really easy false cut that took me 5 minutes to learn, and it looks very graceful.



Sybling is a wonderfully constructed flourish that's perfect for any cardist. The tutorial describes the mechanics in depth, and you can build your own cuts off of the motions. It's a graceful display of skill that demonstrates both control over the cards and style. The rising and falling in this cut gives it a good aesthetic presence and enhances your vocabulary of moves. You won't be disappointed.



An easy, and yet lovely false cut.



This flourish is amazing. I always do it for people and they want to see more!



This false cut is for magicians that do not want to look too flourishy, but still show skill. I really like this cut, and it is impossible for a laymen to see that it is false. The teaching is excellent and very clear (I only had to rewind once!). If you want a stylish false cut that doesn't take months of practise and isn't too in your face, this is for you.



2 thumbs up.

This is easy to do, looks nice, and the crystal clear explanation takes you through everything so you will not have any questions when finished. From beginner to advanced, I do recommend it.

Sybling by Lee Asher