Magic download (video) by Chris Ramsay
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Magic download (video) by Chris Ramsay (8.95)

Chris Ramsay has compiled a great collection of sleights. From visual miracles to undetectable and invisible moves, learning the mechanics involved in Synchronicity will allow you control, steal and visually change a selected card in a way that will make move monkeys drool and lay people swoon.

Aeon Control: A visual and remarkably fooling way of controlling a selection. Visual retention at it's finest, Chris teaches the inner workings of his most elegant card control.

Klepto: Silent, Invisible, undetectable and absolutely beautiful. Stealing cards has never been so deceptive.

The Marvel change: a selection visually and instantly changes to another, show your hand empty and change it back in the blink of an eye!


Customer reviews for Synchronicity



It takes some work. I got proficient in the Klepto steal by just practicing through a deck. Started at 1, go through 52. The other parts of this download are for after you've got the steal down. It really is a great, nearly invisible steal... I find myself using it all the time. The routines taught with it aren't as "real world" for me but that's just me. There's nothing in the angles that would prevent you from performing it live... As always Ramsey's instruction is really great.





Good collection of Chris Ramsay slights. the teaching is good and it is well priced for only 9 dollars.



An excellent download with Ramsay's signature style. The move is useful, fun, and worth the money.



Ramsay is a class act...funny, articulate, knowledgeable, professional, and most of all - HELPFUL. This is a useful tool, which WILL enhance your abilities!



Amazing value! Learned the flourish first and now have great added uses for the main move of it. great job Chris!



I bought this as an impulse purchase, absolutely no regrets. It's outstanding.



Love the color change on this be ready for some sore knuckles though the key move in this is very knacky.


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