T Change

Magic download (video) by Jeff Prace
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T Change

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Magic download (video) by Jeff Prace ($5.00)

The T Change from Jeff Prace is a stunning color change that's surprisingly easy to do. Additionally, unlike similar color changes, the T Change doesn't leave a reversed card in the center, so you're left completely clean.

From an ordinary deck, a card is turned face up and inserted into the center. Without any cover, the card visually morphs into another. It's simplicity is magical and the T Change is a great way to reveal a selected card regardless of your skill level.


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Customer reviews for T Change


The beauty of this color change is it is easy to do and it looks fantastic. Although it requires a bit of fanagalling to set up, it is a great move. I would like to see more from Jeff Prace.



This trick is great. The method is a bit tricky at first, but easy to perfect. Looking forward to more from jeff prace.



This is a clean powerful color change that will get the audience going. It's decently a reputation maker.



This card change is solid, visual, and clean (although not necessarily as clean as the trailer depicts). It is reasonably easy to do and if done well looks like trick photography. One thing to mention, however, is that this move is a bit angle-sensitive but this should not be such a problem. All in all, this is a powerful color change that you will not regret purchasing.



Nice color change, but not that clean as advertised. I'm still trying to figure out the small details to get it work.



Jeff has another good change here. This is simple to do and you probably already know the "prerequisites" to perform this. If I was rating the change alone, it would be a solid 8/10 (considering ratings out of 10 are in style). However, my issue is with the advertising. For one, don't expect this to look exactly like the trailer depicts in terms of the setup (although close, it is not the same, and that is important). The change itself is indeed as shown and quite nice. Lastly, I would not consider that this ends clean, yet there are more than one easy ways to clean up after the change. Lastly, while the words in the ad are "technically" correct, I found the wording to be deceptive in this regard, and for the advertising I would give a low 2/10.

T Change by Jeff Prace