Tear Change

Magic download (video) by Brandon Williams
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Tear Change

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Magic download (video) by Brandon Williams (9.60)

Imagine slowly tearing a playing card, and just as it's completely torn in half, it visually transforms into a spectators signed selection. Today, with the help of Brandon Williams, this impossibility is now a reality. There is no doubt Williams's Tear Change will get people talking about your magic. It genuinely looks like sorcery.

Be advised: the Tear Change is not a toy. It is a weapon to be carefully used in your arsenal to amaze and astound.  


Customer reviews for Tear Change


Raul (Jay)

I love ripping card tricks! In which the end of the trick ends with ripped cards, and this is by far the most creative way to rip cards during a performance. I was excited to get this video especially during the 50% off sale on downloads; I bought quite a few! What a deal!

I remember when I was a teenager and I got into Magic when I was 16. Friends and family would give me so many decks of cards, and I would do this one trick ending up with ripped cards. I thought to myself much later on as an adult, “I wonder if there are anymore ripping card tricks?” Tear Change! That’s a great creative concept!

What I like about the tear change, is that you see the change happen while it’s being torn hence the name “tear change!” Hahaha!

The not so downside, but I must make known now that I am an adult. I don’t get free decks of cards anymore like I used to when I was a teenager until my mid 20s.

Side story. I remember one time when I was training to be a casino card dealer I would buy a lot of cheap decks of cards; we’re talking about 12 to 16 decks of cheap cards. So I would practice ripping cards with all the other tricks that I have purchased throughout the years.

Although this move requires practice, I can go through one deck in less than 20 minutes whereas other ripping cards tricks you rip just one for practice and performance alike.

But when watching the video on the tear change, there’s so much more to tear and so many more decks of cards to practice with!

So although it’s fun to watch and I get excited to do because you’re ripping cards, this trick can be costly which means I have to go out of my way to buy more cards.

As a result, I’m gonna created my own trick which uses the change so that I can save on cards and can go through card decks slowly. That torn and restored card using the tear change, can get really expensive. Not a fan of the added expense.

I know there are many other videos out there that require more mangling of cards, but I think this video for me is going to be the last one… wait, it’ll be second to the last one. Hahaha!



Nicely explained, a little effort and you're going to be blowing people's minds with this!!!!



really wanted to learn this, so bought it, went to download to take home from library as i dont have internet at home , NO DOWNLOAD, contacted to ask for one just got told NOPE SORRY. so ive spent 8 dollars and now can only stream this when im online, it did not make this clear at all, now i have to buy again elsewhere i guess


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  • Brian E asks: Does this involve making a gimmick? And do you end clean? Looks really good on the demo, hoping it looks that way in person????

    • 1. Dottore answers: No. Clean up is taught. You will need to practice this.
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