Magic download (video) by Yoann Fontyn
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Magic download (video) by Yoann Fontyn (14.95)

Tenace - magic
Tenace Tenace Tenace Tenace Tenace

A collection of 10 EASY TO DO four card productions to improve your card magic by Yoann Fontyn:

1 - Cross: You begin with all the cards face down and finish by forming a face up cross with the four Aces.
2 - Margarine: Margarine is a kind of butter to refer to how smooth this production is.
3 - Rolling: The deck rolls over to find the four Aces. This one is so pleasant for the fingers.
4 - PĂ©tale: Imagine watching a flower open in a second.
5 - Easy Money: This one is so easy and will not require a lot of effort.
6 - Open Mind: You dribble the deck and make appears the four Aces
7 - Pivotation: You miss your production by finding the four Kings instead of the four Aces. But you fix it !
8 - Stuace: If you know how to perform a Stuart Gordon double turnover so you will learn this production in under 5 seconds !
9 - Turn Around: One card turn around the deck to find the four Aces
10 - Smash: A beautiful four card production where you will display the four Aces into your left hand only.

Plus three bonus contributions:

Bonus 01: Instax by Biz
Bonus 02: Printemps by If Low
Bonus 03: Reverse Stylar by Ethan Newnham

Running time: 56 minutes. Taught in English.


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Yoann Fontyn’s collection of 10 easy four-card productions is a gem for magicians. These productions offer an excellent mix of simplicity and visual appeal, making them perfect for both beginners and experienced performers. Fonteyn’s creativity shines through in tricks like “Pivotation,” that has an element of surprise. With smooth productions like “Margarine” and elegant ones like “Turn Around,” this collection is a delight addition to any magician’s repertoire.





This is a great and easy trick. The explanation is very detailed and you can easy follow it. I like it how it is done multiple times in stages. Practice makes perfect.






These productions are easy to do and look spectacular.
I am sure you will find one that suits you.



Cool fun four off a kind productions, each routine is a individual video with header titles which is great, yoaans routines start with a demo followed by the tutorial, yoaan does a great job teaching, he repeats the routines slow several times throughout, plus each one all shot close up.
Be good to edit out the loud music on the demos at the beginning, so you dont then have to then turn it back up so you can hear him talk.




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