Hot Mess Control Shuffle

Magic download (video) by José Pablo Valverde Villar
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Hot Mess Control Shuffle

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Magic download (video) by José Pablo Valverde Villar (25.00)

Perform a false shuffle in the spectator's hands, and even control their cards, with the versatile "Hot Mess Control Shuffle".

This special shuffle was designed for those looking to have control over a spectator's deck of cards from a distance on Zoom or virtual magic shows. From the spectator's point of view, the playing cards end up in a totally disorganized mess. They'll have no clue, you're in total control.

You'll learn the shuffle and a variety of powerful effects in this download including:

AC+AN (Any Card + Any Number)
The spectator shuffles their deck, looks at a card and then loses it in the deck. They then think of a random number and complete another shuffle. You then reveal a prediction number, add it to their number and reveal that their card is at THAT position in the deck.

Yellow Submarine
A fun musical prediction where the spectator shuffles up some cards with songs and drawings. They then select two different cards that form a song, which perfectly matches your prediction.

Mirror Mirror
A self-working miracle using a Si Stebbins deck or any mirror stacked deck of cards.

AK7 Coincidence
A funny card trick where the magician fails in an entertaining way.

You'll also receive some bonus ideas using the Hot Mess Control Shuffle including a card stab and messy book test.

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