The Big Deal

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The Big Deal

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Magic download (video) by Joshua Jay ($10.00)

We're proud to present The Big Deal by Joshua Jay, a routine in which a card is selected and shuffled back into a deck. With a demonstration of cheating, the performer locates the selection... but he also manages to find a perfect blackjack hand, a Royal Flush, AND a perfect Bridge hand (all thirteen Hearts!) from an apparently shuffled pack.

Watch it all the way through, as the ending has an amazing payoff, then learn it now on this great download.

Running time: 10 minutes, 11 seconds.


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Customer reviews for The Big Deal



I have been performing this effect for about 3 months now, and I absolutely adore it. I have gotten the best reactions I have ever received. Take the time to learn this effect and you will not be disappointed. This is a tremendous opening effect and spectators really appreciate the "skill" you demonstrate. I highly recommend this trick to anyone who loves gambling or having a strong opener to their show. I have even created my own effect based off of this routine!



THE BIG DEAL by Josh Jay. *****
Here’s what I like about this trick: at the start you force a card on the spectator and you begin this long patter about odds. The spectator figures – same old trick: after all his gab, he’s going to reveal what my selection was - seen it a dozen times – big deal! So you eventually reveal his card and he gives you a condescending grin – then you produce a black jack and his eyebrows twitch; then you show him a Royal Flush in spades and his mouth falls open; then you turn over a full suit of thirteen hearts and he goes: “Say wha’?” – Now that’s a BIG DEAL! This isn’t one of Josh’s greatest tricks, but it’s a darn good one for it pleases the punters and even a beginner can do it. But if you want to do it well, practise your patter till you have it just right. Great trick – right price.
Charles Levy



Found this trick in the PRISM deck DVD, and it's just a really great way to demonstrate "skill". :)



Such a great trick! Performed this at my last show and when I found the spectator's card the audience audibly gasped, then they freaked out on the kicker endings. Great addition to anyone's arsenal and a great opener.

The Big Deal by Joshua Jay