The Card and Handkerchief

Magic download (video) by Elliott Terral
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The Card and Handkerchief

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Magic download (video) by Elliott Terral ($6.00)

Travel back with us 114 years as we foray deeper into the mind of S.W. Erdnase. With Elliott Terral as our guide, we’ll examine the classic Card Through Handkerchief effect in which a selected playing card separates itself from the pack, seemingly penetrating solid cloth.

In addition, a brand new alternative handling is taught that utilizes a myriad of sleights found within The Expert at The Card Table.


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The Card and Handkerchief is a beautifully crafted effect. When I first read it in, "The Expert At The Card Table," I didn't think it was possible to fool an audience with it. I was wrong. After seeing the effect performed by Elliott Terral, it went right into my repertoire. The teaching here is great as usual with a clear picture. I love it.



The card and handkerchief is a great trick. It's one of the many examples that old stuff can still be super effective today with a little fine tuning.



Short video, but very good. FYI, if you already bought Ricky Smith's great lesson on the DPS, then you probably don't need this, as he covers the "brand new" handling referenced in the overview.

But if you're not familiar with the handling at all, even the original handling, then buy this to have a great impromptu trick to add to your repertoire.

The Card and Handkerchief by Elliott Terral