The One-Card EP

Magic download (video) by Kevin Ho
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The One-Card EP

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Magic download (video) by Kevin Ho ($12.00)

Don't blink, or you'll miss one of Kevin Ho's six original and attractive ways to spin a playing card. From the author of the über cool booklet, Smooth Operations comes yet another product, packed with great material.

When it comes to Cardistry, Kevin Ho is no doubt among the best there is. His creativity goes beyond what the eye sees. He understands what makes a good card flourish and in watching the tutorial you might just pick up some valuable information, aside from the six original one-card flourishes.


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This is exactly what Kevin is all about - visual madness. 1 handed flirt drives me crazy since the first time I saw it.



Its always great to see something new from Kevin. With that being said, this download was great! All of the moves are very addicting and look beautiful, and are very addicting (especially 'Backdrop' and 'Raccoon.' The explanations are over the shoulder, and with words which make for an easy learning experience. Overall, an awesome download.



Kevin's work is always great. He's one the most innovative people in the community today. This little collection of flourishes is great. They all look cool and are fun to practice. Explanations are easy to follow along. This is another great addition to Kevin's works.



These flourishes are awesome, and Ill describe them.

- Backdrop - easy and fun to do.

- Raccoon, Raccoooon and Rocky Raccoon - easy to do and can be incorporated into larger flourishes. Racoooon is also taught in Smooth Operations and Racoon was first seen in INK.

- One hand flirt - crazy.

- 2 r - the easiest but most complex looking flourish here. Looks impossible when done fast.

Get this if you want to learn some of the best one card flourishes.



I love how simple yet elegant these moves are. If you are a serious cardist, you gotta know these! I end 80% of my flourishes with backdrop!


kim anh

great work from Kevin Ho, well explaination to follow along.



Brilliant explanation! Well worth a few quid to learn it properly

The One-Card EP by Kevin Ho