The Trilogy

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The Trilogy

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Magic download (video) by Dan and Dave Buck ($90.00)

The definitive Dan and Dave collection, containing over 6 hours of card tricks, card flourishes and everything else they have dreamt up with a deck of playing cards. It is a body of work that spans over ten years of study and practice.

"Anyone looking to elevate their card magic should check this out."

This collection contains a vast array of magical effects, flourishes and everything else their minds have conjured up. From beginner to professional, this collection contains something for everyone. Every effect is broken down step-by-step for a seamless learning experience.

Explained in detail with multiple angles, on screen text, and slow motion replays through instantly streaming videos, available within your Library. The DVDs are no longer available.



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Wow, Six Hours off Video Play Time, Including Demonstrations and full tutorials, as follows: Hand Flurishes.To Cardistry. To Card Tricks. Trilogy is taught by two great cardists, this is pretty much a complete workshop on anything that involves a deck off cards.The cardistry tutorials are also shot in slow mo in part, with captions, and graphs pointing out hot spots on your hands and finger positioning, cardistry videos have background music. A tip for beginners in cardistry, Try and use a normall deck as much as possable. How To Make Cardistry Trainer Cards: Split the deck into 6 equal stacks, leaving out 12 cards, one for the top, one for the bottom to glue on each stack, that is after you tape the individual stacks, To make these use two peices of coloured gaffa tape to go around the long edge, and completely across the stack only, dont go over the top off the short edges, leave these as this will give the stacks some card movement, plus this will give it a naturall feel, same as a normall deck. use these as a trainer deck, Reason is, when you drop them there is less to pick up. With this trainer set, you can even do the worm, as these wont stick, and these trainers will fit in an Omni Armor Card Clip. Once you have a few moves down, Then try these moves with your favourite cardistry deck. Then you get the wow factor. Plus in this trilogy download there is plenty of full on tutorials off card tricks too. WoW.







I got this trick as a Christmas present when it was discounted. Some of the tricks that it contains are really good while others have a few tough moves that are hard for me to get down. Also I did not know that it would be mostly flourishes. I don’t care too much for flourishes and would rather there be more tricks and moves.

The Trilogy by Dan and Dave Buck