The Ultimate Tantalizer

Magic download (video) by La Ville Magic
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The Ultimate Tantalizer

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Magic download (video) by La Ville Magic (7.95)

Based on the classic card effect 'The Tantalizer' from The Royal Road to Card Magic, La Ville Magic present a new handling in this, The Ultimate Tantalizer.

Featuring four separate presentations, three based on the same principle and handling and one as a cut-down 'lite' version, including:

  • Four of a Kind Deluxe
  • Blackjack
  • Dating
  • Four of a Kind Lite

You don't have to be familiar with the original Jean Hugard routine as full performances, setup and instruction are featured in this video download. The overall effects are broken down into phases, as follows:

Four of a Kind Deluxe:

Phase 1:
You riffle down the cards and have a spectator call stop. The card they stop at is shown face up, and then lost into the deck and the cards cut numerous times. The cards are then dealt into two piles in full view and one of the piles is discarded. Cards are then dealt down four at a time and two cards are discarded by the spectator. This process repeats, as well as more elimination until just one card is left. The card is the spectator's chosen card.

Phase 2:
Based on the spectator's selected card, for example the 8 of Clubs, one of its three 'mates' is spelled out, such as 'eight of hearts', to which the 8 of Hearts is the next card.

Phase 3:
The next 'mate' is spelled to, such as 'eight of spades', however is incorrect - instead, an indifferent card is found. The value of this indifferent card is added to the two cards on the table and the spectator then counts to that total number in the deck and locates the third 'mate' card, such as the 8 of Spades.

Phase 4:
The final 'mate' card is found by spelling, such as 'eight of diamonds', where the final card is found.

Phase 5:
As a final kicker, after displaying the four of a kind, you then proceed to locate and produce the four aces from the deck one at a time through various cuts and revelations.

Blackjack follows the same phase structure as 'Four of a Kind', however the four aces are located initially for phases 1 through 4. For phase 5, the four kings are located to create hands of Blackjack.

Dating also follows the same phase structure as 'Four of a Kind'. In this presentation, the four kings are located initially for phases 1 through 4. For phase 5, the four queens are located, creating dating pairs. In addition, there is a sixth phase in which the four jacks are found.

Four of a Kind Lite:
In a similar fashion to the above three routines, the four queens are found,

Fans of the revelation plot will immediately see the appeal in this routine, and while some card handling skill is required, you are able to apply many of your own revelations, cuts and shuffles and are not restricted to the specific sleights used in the video presentation.

The Ultimate Tantalizer from La Ville Magic is available from Vanishing Inc as a video download that runs for around 45 minutes, so you can learn how to get this effect up and running right after your purchase.


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More great card magic in this video, which is by La Ville magic, this comes with demonstrations and explanatiins of these variouse routines, he explains the deck set ups for each routine, plus the deck set ups are shown on screen near the end of this video, might have to watch the video through a couple of times before you understand the methods, and the deck set ups, but its so worth it, the first routine starts with a chosen 8, eventually followed by two different 4 off a kind reveall, 4x8s plus a false mistake followed by the 4xAs.Just follow the methods he explains. A great download thats worth getting.


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