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Magic download (video) by Ilya Melyukhin (17.95)

Airy - magic
Airy Airy Airy Airy

"Airy" is an innovative, hyper-visual transformation and vanish gimmick. Turn a playing card into a bill or billet with a message on it, or simply just make the playing card disappear. You can even make just a small piece of the card disappear.

Super easy to make and use. Tons of creative possibilities for this versatile tool.

Download today and learn how to build "Airy".


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Airy introduces a hyper visual transformation and vanish gimmick that elevates the art of magic. This innovative tools allows magicians to seamlessly turn a playing card into a bill or billet, complete with a customizable message, or effortlessly make the entire card disappear. The versatility of Airy extends to the option of making just a small piece of the card vanish, adding a touch of mystery to performances.

What sets Airy apart is the potential for creativity is vast, offering magicians a wide range of possibilities for incorporating this tool into their routines.

In a personal touch, I have experienced the fun creating captivating social media content with Airy, particularly enjoying the process of turning a card into confetti. Despite the DIY aspect, I emphasize that with patience and practice, using Airy becomes an enjoyable and rewarding endeavor.

For those eager to explore the world of magical transformations and vanishes, Airy provides a downloadable solution, ensuring magicians can easily learn how to construct and wield this exciting gimmick, opening doors to a realm of limitless magical possibilities.




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