The Vault - Boneless

Magic download (video) by Sultan Orazaly
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The Vault - Boneless

9.95 usd

Magic download (video) by Sultan Orazaly (9.95)

The section of penetration of objects through matter in magic is one of the most popular. Visual penetrations through matter are few and they can rarely be shown live.

BONELESS is a visual insight that is great for live performances and social media. Never before has such a visual effect been so easy to implement.

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Customer reviews for The Vault - Boneless



Easy to perform hella fun practicing on camera looks even better with a sharpie! Don’t sleep on this guys ideas ?? they are great! For only $10 a steal blow people’s minds!



We have a hidden gem here in this card effect..Not hard to make.But not what I thought..Might play better on social media..Still kills..But if someone is at the right angle the might see something..And that something is called your awesomeness.This effect is cheap.You will use it..My mom has it..Now she is doing shows for the drunk neighbors..Great fast effect to make it look like you are really good at sleight of hand. Probably make a few of these when you first craft this cool effect. THANKS VANISHING MAGIC.



Very nice trick. Great for video but easy for close up as well





"So do you know how it's done?"

This feels like the millionth time you've been asked this. It started with someone posting the trailer link in the group chat. Then several magicians start speculating on how it's done. None of them wants to buy the thing but everyone's in awe with how good it looks. You've tried telling them that if they like the trick, then they should buy it. They never do.

"Yes," you tell them "I bought the download and made the gimmick the other day"

"Ooh! So you were tempted?"

You let out a short grunt. You didn't want to buy this at all. The only reason you got this is because the rest of the club wouldn't shut up about it.

"Yes, let me show you..."


Boneless is a trick that has one thing going for it. It looks good on video. Can you work this into a routine? Not really (although Sultan tries). Can you do this close-up? Not really (unless you want people to see the gimmick). Is there anything else to this other than a quick visual? No.

The construction is not too complex and only requires basic gimmick-making. Just a lot of cutting things up and then sticking them together. Splitting a card is perhaps the hardest thing in this build. If that's too hard then you can buy the gimmick premade.

Funnily enough, the ad copy for the pre-made gimmick has a very interesting "No List":
- "NO ELASTIC THREADS" - Technically true, the mechanism you'd usually associate with elastic threads uses something else completely that you can probably find in your recycling bin
- "NO FLAPS" - This one I take issue with because I feel this category of gimmick is technically a flap but since it doesn't have a "hinge" I suppose it's not legally recognised as one
- "EASY TO PERFORM" - now this one is probably the one on the list I can't argue against.. The trick is actually quite easy to perform. "Learn in seconds" and "The gimmick does all the work" are other suitable ad copy cliches that could fit it.

Do I like this trick? Not really. The visual is OK, but I don't really understand why you'd want to do this (that is, pass a playing card through your fingers) and that's a problem with a lot of the visual "made for social media" effects out there. They look great but there's no motivation as to why they're doing these eye-popping moments other than "because I can".

That's not to dismiss this effect entirely. It looks good (on camera); and on social media with a well-built gimmick, you can make this look really good. You could do it live as well I suppose, although from a very long distance with very poor lighting, and politely asking your audience to close one eye.


"Wow! That looks great! So was I right about it using a series of magnets and mirrors?"

"You're way off. You going to get it?"

"No. Not my style. Also, I probably need to do a lot of arts and crafts. Can't be bothered with that. Ooh have I shown you this trailer yet..."

One of these days


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