The Vault - False Shuffle Project

Magic download (video) by Patrick Redford
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The Vault - False Shuffle Project

10.00 usd

Magic download (video) by Patrick Redford (10.00)

If you've been looking for some convincing false shuffles to add to your repertoire, then check out The False Shuffle Project by Patrick Redford!

With 45 minutes of in-depth instruction, you will learn everything you need to know on 6 different false shuffles. Perfect for mem deck workers or just a stacked deck, these shuffles will provide the convincing illusion you need to fool laymen and magicians alike.

You'll Learn:

  • The Dan Fishman Overhand False Shuffle
  • The Redfish Shuffle (Perform a convincing face-up overhand shuffle that's completely false!)
  • F.A.L.S.E Table Riffle Shuffle
  • The Spectator Interlaced Spread Subtlety (Spread the cards before pushing them together and show that the cards are really interlaced, then let the audience finish the shuffle and push everything together!)
  • The PGR Cut (A convincing multi-packet false table cut!)
  • The Stack Safe "Ducer-Tait" Control (Control a card, appear to mix the cards, and yet everything remains in order and you'll know the card almost instantly!)

Don't disrupt your stack any longer! Download and learn some great false shuffles today!


Customer reviews for The Vault - False Shuffle Project



I love this project. Each of these can be integrated into the other shuffles shown in this very project. Most people are interested in the false riffle shuffle but the eyes were on the stack safe ducer-tait control. Patrick is a good teacher.





Patrick Redford is another one of those brilliant minds that I always come back to for amazing material to add to my arsenal. This project is no exception.

Every shuffle and cut is explained in amazing detail, and is probably the most casual and unassuming looking false collection on the planet. I will never not use the Fishman False Overhand if I need to keep the order or move cards around. Fantastic buy all around!



I cannot ever get enough false cut/false shuffle study and practice. For the type of magic I love, the more of these in my repertoire, the better. This is another great download from Vanishing Inc.



Some great stuff packed into this download. Highly recommended for anyone interested in false shuffle work.



Worth it just for the riffle shuffle.



This is a good project that offers a lot of approaches to false shuffles. I really liked The Spectator Interlaced Spread Subtlety because it is so convincing a the spectators see the cards being pushed together. These false shuffles are well taught and great to use

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There's a lot of bang for the buck in this video. By the time you are done you will learn a versatile overhand shuffle, a very deceptive false cut, and a false riffle shuffle that even allows you to spread the cards and have the spectator push them together. As a bonus, he adds in a card control that looks impossible (you mix the cards into what looks like a Lennart Green type mess), but when you are done, the selected card is at the top of the deck and all remaining cards are in stack order. There is a lot of creative thinking here.

One warning--he mentions that all these moves are in his book, Temporarily Out of Order. If you have the book, you may want to look there first. If you prefer to see the moves demonstrated, though, this is still a great buy.

Redford's (a/k/a Tait's) variation on the Dan Fishman shuffle and his Red-Fish variation of the same allows you to do anything you might do with a jog shuffle without a jog. It is easy to learn, looks natural, and opens up a lot of possibilities. It will feel a bit awkward in your hands if you are used to a standard jog shuffle, but it is so dead simple you will be up to pace in no time.

The PGR cut is a 4-packet cut that maintains full deck order but leaves you with the pack having had the equivalent of a single cut. This is very deceptive and looks great. If desired, you can do a quick Red-Fish shuffle to get back to original order.

His F.A.L.S.E false riffle shuffle is another good addition to your arsenal. This is a more casual/open version of a riffle shuffle. The overall look of this shuffle will set off the must-be-a-sleight alarm bells for your magician friends (they may have no idea what you are doing, but they will know that something is up). However, this will undoubtedly fly right past lay people. The basic version of this shuffle looks great and is incredibly easy to do out of the gate. The version where you spread the cards and the spectator can push the weave together will take some practice. I'm almost there but not quite.

The final Ducer-Tait card control looks like you are making a terrible mess of the cards but they remain in full deck order (minus the selected card). Finding the selected card in the mess looks nothing short of a miracle. You could even do the move without having a card selected if you want it to look like you are completely making a mess of the deck. If he demonstrated a quick effect using this control, he could have sold it separately for the same $10 price. He considers this a bonus effect, but in and of itself it is worth the price of the entire download.

Tait's instruction is straightforward and well paced. He is very careful about crediting and presents everything in a clear manner. Camera angles are quite good but there were a couple of times where they could have shown the hand position a little better when showing card positions in the Fishman/Red-Fish shuffle. That said, you will quickly figure it out. This is 45 minutes of quality teaching without any fluff, which is about the right price.

I hesitated to buy this video for quite some time because I was looking for something that contained instruction on more false shuffles. That said, I should have purchased this sooner: this is money well spent! Tait really does a lot of outside the (card) box thinking. These are truly creative moves that actually look great, are extremely practical, and are very easy to do. They fit well in with general card magic and, especially, stack work.

My only regret in purchasing this--and therein lies the danger--is that spending the 10 bucks on this is really just a down payment--he got me so jazzed up with this stuff that I now HAVE to purchase his book Temporarily Out of Order.

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Most will be interested in the riffle shuffle, and it is very interesting. However, this has a very convincing overhand false shuffle, which would be a wonderful weapon in anyone's arsenal.




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