The Vault - Ripped and Fryed

Magic download (video) by Paul Harris
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The Vault - Ripped and Fryed

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Magic download (video) by Paul Harris (9.95)

Ripped and Fryed is the best name for this effect because the card gets ripped and the spectators' brains FRY! It looks so clean it has to be magic! And just wait until you see how spectators react!

An effect from the mind of Charlie Frye, the spectator signs their selected card. It is placed inside of another card, and the two are clearly torn. The magician even separates them, making it clear that both are indeed torn. Nevertheless, right in front of their eyes, you remove their card from inside and it's completely restored! Silence, dropped jaws, wide eyes, denial - you won't know what the reaction will be, but it will get a reaction!

Go bend someone's reality a little and download today!


Customer reviews for The Vault - Ripped and Fryed



Very concise tutorial, i loved the effect



If it has Paul Harris name on it.......
This is a great idea and I love it. Put in the time and effort and your in. As far as all the many TnR effects out there, this is one that REALLY looks like pure magic. AND they can keep their card at the end! Teaching from Wayne Houchin is A1.




Community questions about The Vault - Ripped and Fryed

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  • Paul asks: The effect looks very clean. How much preparation of the “folder card” is required? Is this ideal for walk-around? The ad says that the spectator can keep their card at the end. Can he examine that folder card?

    • 1. SGKYDUYEN answers: Here is the answer: 1. The preparation is quick and easy. 2. It's ideal for walk-around 3. The selection cards can be signed and examined
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  • Jim asks: Can any two cards be used? Are only two cards used? Thx

    • 1. SGKYDUYEN answers: You can use any card for this trick :D. You will need to do a quick setup (just a few seconds) for one card
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