The Vault - Torn

Magic download (video) by Daniel Garcia
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The Vault - Torn

14.95 usd

Magic download (video) by Daniel Garcia (14.95)

In the basement of a seedy Las Vegas hotel, Daniel Garcia slowly touched two pieces of a torn playing card together. Achingly slowly, with no cover. And then he let go of one piece, and-it was restored! Paul Harris shook his head and softly muttered, "If this kid's not using some kind of sticky stuff, he owns me." Daniel restored the third and fourth pieces in equally miraculous, just-touch-it-and-oh-my-god-it's-restored ways, and handed Paul the card. NO STICKY STUFF!

In lieu of Paul's mortal soul, Daniel agreed to let Paul get Torn out to the world. It really is the next great leap forward in the piece-by-piece restoration; it's totally practical and even more magical than the original TV-only version.

With this download and a little work, you'll have a breathtaking magical effect you can do anywhere with any freely selected signed card. Torn didn't just astonish Paul Harris -- Daniel has owned just about every magician and, for sure, every layman to whom he's shown his creation.

Daniel Garcia's Torn is a must for anyone who wants to perform a truly miraculous piece-by-piece restoration.


Customer reviews for The Vault - Torn



Absolutely the best torn and restored card bar none. Oh, and did I mention that it could almost be performed impromptu? The problem I have with most magic dvds is that they offer very little for their price. Daniel goes into detail(some might say excessive detail)to make sure you understand how to perform this effect properly. I wish other magic creators would learn from his example. Highly recommend.

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I’ve been watching people perform this trick for a long time, and while I always thought it was beautiful, I considered it outside of my ability. How wrong I was! The instructions in the video are easy to follow and with a bit of practice, I was able to pick it up rather quickly. It is a beautiful piece of close up magic that truly wows the spectators. This has quickly become one of my favorite pieces to perform.



Torn, to date, is the best torn and restored card effect. Straight-forward, no ridiculous moves. Some people have tried to mimic this version (or even Guy Hollingworth's) and end up getting too fancy or "clever" with variations that often make the restorations clumsy and very awkward. All of the best thinking has been put into this version. Garcia is a genius and I trust his work.



Torn is a very well thought out piece of close-up magic. It will take some work to get it down, but it's something that anyone who is willing to put time into could master. Unlike a lot of downloads you see these days, this one is an hour long, and Danny goes into great depths to show you the intricacies of the effect. Also, Torn is more or less impromptu! It does take some setup, but it's nothing that couldn't be don't in the bathroom in 30 seconds. I highly recommend this.


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