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Top Change

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Magic download (video) by David Williamson ($12.00)

Discover the real work on one of the basic building blocks of card magic, the Top Change. Master magician David Williamson reveals 33 years of refined technique as well as invaluable tips on motivation, timing and misdirection. In addition, he also teaches two of his favorite card tricks using the Top Change and a neat little one-card production.

The Top Change is a utility move, such as a Double Lift or a Pass, that allows the magician to casually switch a card. A well executed Top Change can be your secret weapon for improvising card magic during performance and will take you magic to the next level.

Note—this is an explanation video; there is no performance footage.


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  • RON asks: Is there over-the-shoulder video of the top change?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: This footage uses several angles, but not an over-the-shoulder angle.
  • JORGELINA asks: is download o dvd??

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: This is a download.
  • Jim asks: How long is this video?

    • 1. James answers: The explanation is just over 17 minutes long.
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  • Nelson asks: i already have own his 4 disk set. Does this download contain new/different info on the top change? Thanks. nelson

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: If you already own that DVD set, I don’t think you will need to buy this one
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David Williamson has a very invisible top change and does teach it well in this streaming video. I used to do the top change as described in Card College (good source too), and the best thing about David Williamson?s technique is that it has less movement of the thumb.

The section on motivation, timing and a practice tip had some thoughts worth considering. This section is especially valuable if you are new to the top change.

The first trick is a quick sucker effect?, which I think is nothing too special on its own, although I do use it as a part of another trick (David Stone?s Ghost? for the curious). The second trick is called Memory test? and is a great version of Be honest, what is it? (often called 2 card monte nowadays). The ending answers the question: where are the cards the spectator should be holding?? in a nice way.

Some might think the price is too high, but then again the price might be a little low for a lesson on the top change made from 33 years of experience. I am happy with my purchase and think my top change has improved a lot because of this streaming video!



This is a move that I had learned from other magicians in the past, but the problem has always been remembering every nuance they taught me as I was trying to remember finger positions and grips etc. Books don't do this move justice because there is so much involved with the timing of the Top Change.

This video offers a solution to both issues. I am not familiar with any other video teaching the Top Change, but I cannot imagine that there is a better alternative than a video taught by David Williamson himself. I have never had a conversation about the Top Change with any magician and not had the name David Williamson come up. He is a man that has worked every part of this move and understands it perhaps better than anyone.

The teaching is great, and while I already knew a great deal about the Top Change prior to my purchase of this OnDemand, I found loads of little things that greatly improved my Top Change.

The tricks taught in this OnDemand are alright, nothing special, but they were never meant to be. The utility move itself is well worth the price of the download and if you do purchase it I would suggest a copy of Mr. Williamson's book "Williamson's Wonders". It has several tricks that involve the Top Change and some that will blow your mind. The tricks taught here are more for you to have something right out of the gate to compliment your practice, but I am sure you will quickly find many uses for this move in routines you already do.

I would recommend this OnDemand to anyone regardless of skill level without hesitation.



Lots of useful stuff here. I am a huge fan of videos devoted to particular moves, as I think that the value of a deep understanding of a core sleight (like the top change) has more utility than a particular nifty routine. Videos like this one help you to expand your creativity by giving you a firm grasp of the possibilities and limitations of a particular move, encouraging you to incorporate them into original routines. I would love to see more videos of this sort, kind of a masterclass on how to develop and refine particular moves with thoughts for practice and potential applications.

The teaching in here is very strong, and identifies more than just where the fingers should be. Because so much of the top change is about timing and misdirection, the value here is in creating motivation and other psychological covers that help to make the move deceptive. This is David Williamson, and as such, the teaching jumps from idea to idea, but the video isn't so long that this becomes a real problem. Also, this is a fun and funny video that is full of "style", something that often disappears in instructional material. If you already use the Top Change, this is a great pickup, but if you don't know it or use it at all, I don't know if this is necessarily the place to start, as the focus is on refining rather than starting off.



Its rare for me to review anything I buy, but I need to tell you this download will change your card magic. The top change is so poorly performed and explained by almost everyone I've ever seen do it. David Williamson's download completely changed they way I think about the top change, and his flawless, undetectable execution is how ALL top changes should look.

The download was loaded with information and taught from only the best angles to learn with all of the subtlety and finesse this move requires. The tricks were not my style, but for learning the top change under fire I can see why he chose these two effects. One is a simple "sucker" style trick, to get comfortable performing the top change and mastering just the move. The other is a more complex routine but uses the top change more slyly. Overall, do yourself a favor (the worst line ever written), and pick up this download.



There are two methods for a top palm explained in this tutorial. One is the Vernon top palm. It is the way to palm one card from top of the deck. And the other is the Erdnase top palm. This is for palming several cards from the deck. These top palms are very essential in understanding the basics of palming. And most of the palms used in tricks are top palms. So, if you want to start out palming, this tutorial is your best choice.



Great lesson with excellent teaching!

Top Change by David Williamson