Triple Cask Triumph

Magic download (video) by Elliott Terral
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Triple Cask Triumph

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Magic download (video) by Elliott Terral ($8.00)

Triple Cask Triumph is a simple, direct, in-the-hands variation of Dai Vernon's famous Triumph. This version contains no traditional sleight of hand, and it should serve as an excellent guide to structuring magical effects with the audience in mind.

"This is not your standard Triumph. Elliott wanted to distance the effect from the method, so rather than go through the often-times dull shuffle and cut sequences, he embraced a spectator-as-magician approach with as few traditional sleights as possible, opting for subtleties and boldness instead. By leveraging audience's preconceptions, a seemingly natural shuffle is anything but, and two revelations are produced without the magician touching the deck."

Each performance of this effect is an experiment in further understanding audience perception, and we encourage you to understand the principles involved and create your own variations on Triple Cask Triumph.


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I purchased Card Men, and when I first read this trick, I was thinking, "There's no way this will work". After preforming this about seven times, I realized I was wrong. It's amazing how Elliott even thought of this trick. He really looked at things through the spectators eyes and discovered how to make it be the best it could be. You can tell he put a lot of time and effort into really thinking through this effect. Great job on your first release Elliott, I'm looking forward to seeing many more!



Triple Cask Triumph is a very novel approach on the classic effect. As Elliott suggests in the trailer, this effect requires some gusto and confidence. Of course this is not a trade off because the moment that the climax, and the actual effect for that matter, happens, everything is in the participant's hands; it is obvious Elliott has constructed the routine with his audience in mind. The streaming video seems to end rather abruptly, almost mid-thought, but that is not enough to affect the teaching or value, so it will not sway my mark. Highly recommended!



I have been obsessed with triumph effects for a year now. I have gone from the Hollingworth Triumph to Dani DaOrtiz's Open Triumph. Once I saw this effect, it immediately took my attention. What I see here is the next triumph effect that I will be performing. Elliott is as great of a magician as a teacher. I well understood the effect the first time I went through the video. The great teaching brings one of the most deceptive triumph effect to your audience who will remember that you barely touched the deck. It's brilliant!



This trick requires you to be confident in yourself. It is simple, fast, clean, no real fancy "moves". These factors always make a trick good. It is easy for the audience to understand, they can follow along easily. But in the end, there is going to be a big plot twist that will leave their jaws dropping.



Triple Cask Triumph is such a beautiful in the hands Triumph. It is so simple but yet so effective. I highly recommend this to anyone.



I had the pleasure of meeting Mr Terral earlier this year. He performed this illusion to me (a non-magician) and my mind was blown. I can now hugely appreciate both sides of the Triple Cask Triumph as it was this trick that sparked my interest in magic. Excellent presentation, content, and suaveness all round.

Triple Cask Triumph by Elliott Terral