Trumped Triumph

Magic download (video) by Joshua Jay
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Trumped Triumph

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Magic download (video) by Joshua Jay ($6.00 - normally $12.00)

This is a Triumph with a HUGE surprise ending, and one that nobody sees coming. Based on John Bannon's seminal "Play It Straight" effect, this version allows you to spread the cards to cause only a spectator's selection to turn face up. But that you instantly respread the deck (no moves) to show that all the cards of a matching suit also turned face up.

It's impossible and unexpected, yet a logical climax to a Triumph routine. Joshua Jay teaches you every step in great detail, and the best part is that you'll be able to incorporate this routine into your repertoire almost immediately. Not at all difficult to do!

Running time: 10 minutes, 31 seconds.

As part of our Community Captions project, the explanation video for this download has optional English subtitles.


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  • Michael asks: Is the Faro shuffle mandatory to perform this, or will another shuffle work?

    • 1. Mustafa answers: You need a faro-type shuffle, i.e. cards need to be interlaced as perfectly as possible. The faro is a complex move, i.e. have small nuances to work on, but what helped me learn it are the great routines that you can do with it. My advise is, if you want to learn the faro, find a routine that inspires you and get to work.
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Customer reviews for Trumped Triumph



If you are unfamiliar with Josh's concealment in this effect then you are doing yourself a disservice. You will add this move to routines you already do to make them stronger, and you will come up with new routines that will take advantage of this cleverness.

In my opinion, for something you will use so often, the download is a steal.



Very good routine. Just a thought...If you use a stripper deck, after all the cards
of the suit are show, you can thoroughly shuffle (or have the spectator shuffle) and then strip out the 13 suited cards.



This routine & the applications of the teachings within are invaluable, anyone serious about card magic should definitely purchase Trumped Triumph - I use this ALL the time.



If you like triumph card magic, then it is so wotth getting this version, it includes two variations.



I loved this!!! Such an amazing trick and so smart to do!!! I will show it to all my friends and the method is incredibly precise and smart! I got it for free using my points and recommend it to anyone looking for what to use their points on! Wow!



I got this trick after doing some research Into Triumph, I found this to be the best variation of the trick and I was not wrong to method is so suttle and very well hidden and east to execute, this does require some practice but I don't see why a beginner couldn't master this with abit of practice.

The tutorial is spot on and explains everything you need to know in great detail.

For anybody wondering what to spend your VI points on this is a must for any card magician









Really cool trick and with an interesting twist on the triumph, triumph type tricks are a personal favorite of mine and this one truly delivers.



I’ve just purchased the Move Zero series with the John Bannon Triumph and this definitely takes it to the next level. I got this for free with my VI points but I would be just as happy if I’d purchased it. Excellent quality and service as always with Vanishinginc.



this is a real worker. dying to try it out this week at my residency. I'm guessing its a stunner. highly recommended.



Joshua is an excellent teacher with incredible skill. I immediately liked this trick and cant wait to perform it. quite easy to accomplish with the necessary practise. Highly recommended.



An excellent variation of the Bannon Play It Straight Triumph. Jay has brilliantly constructed the trick so that it plays like a regular triumph, where the spectator's card is the only card in the pack that is turned over and adds the Play It Straight run of all the cards of a single suit as a kicker ending. It's Bannon's triumph with a double ending.

You get two climaxes of the trick for the price of one, which is an excellent variation. I love Asi WInd's Triumph and Triumph Again as it is a brilliant example of making the impossible possible and is definitely a magician fooler; Jay's Trumped Triumph, however, is probably just as amazing as Wind's version for a lay person and you get a standard triumph + the straight triumph kicker without any more effort than it takes to do Bannon's original trick.

Well worth learning and well worth doing. As Triumphs go, I like this one and Jay Sankey's Back In Time Triumph--both are have incredible impact on the audience, are easy to do, and put a unique spin that augments the original triumph plot.



Trumped Triumph by Joshua Jay