Magic download (video) by Creative Artists and Nguyen Ngoc Tu
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Magic download (video) by Creative Artists and Nguyen Ngoc Tu (12.00)

The 'Creative Artists' are a wildly talented group of magicians from Vietnam who instantly impressed us with their dynamic style and incredible sleight of hand skill. Our first exclusive download from them, Spellbound, was an instant hit amongst magicians worldwide. Now, we are so proud to present Nguyen Ngoc Tu, or 'Tu' as we know him. Prepare yourself for a collection of three fantastic tricks from one of Vietnam's finest card technicians.

On this 14 minute download, you will learn three of Tu's favorite effects. Each one is constructed in his signature style and taught in detail with English subtitles and on-screen graphics. 

Sandwich - A wonderful routine in which two selections are found under impossibly fair conditions. The ending will fool you and make you want to learn the C3 Change!

Collectors - In Tu's take on this classic plot, the selections are isolated in separate packets. The packets are touched together with the four kings in the middle yet somehow, they INSTANTLY find the selections.

Prediction Cards - Three prediction cards are removed from the deck and placed aside. The spectator selects a card and places it under their hand to ensure that it cannot be switched. The prediction cards are turned over one by one. The first reveals the color of the card, the second reveals the suit and the last reveals the value. When the selection is turned over, it matches the prediction perfectly. This is an impromptu effect which works EVERY TIME!

BONUS: Learn the "C3 Change" by Nobuyuki Nojima!!

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Je trouve formidable le travail de Nguyen Ngoc Tu et de Creative Artists ! Les tours sont incroyables et les explications très détaillées et explicites malgré l'absence de voix (C'est pas grave je suis Français :-)). Le prix est quant à lui vraiment bas pour la multitude d'explications et de travail fournie (3 tours + C3 change). Je recommande vivement ce téléchargement !! Merci !



This is my favorite of the downloads that Vanishing has released in the past year. Vietnamese magicians are very really clever!! I loved the sandwich trick.



Worth twice the price. And you get to learn the C3 Change.

I don;t usually choose sleight heavy magic but I loved this. I don't think that I will use all of the tricks but they have given me tools to create 100 other tricks! Highly recommended.



Love it guys... difficult but fooling and clever. 5 stars.



The best thing about the download is the C3 Change, the magic is good but not for me. The explanations are fast and without giving details, that makes it a little bit hard to follow if you don’t know the moves. If you like visual magic, get this to learn the C3 Change, very visual and practical change, this alone worth the price of the download.



I want to start off by saying this is definitely not for beginners! Though most of the moves you see are semi taught, it is like learning from a silent film. It's all captioned on the video. While I kind of enjoyed that, because it leaves an open platform for patter and creativity, I only mention that because if you're looking for an instructional video that is telling you every little thing to do, this is not for you. The CP3 change is a very visual change. I do wish it had given better detail and tips on the move and on gripping the cards, it's one of those moves where you will have to practice, practice, practice because it's gonna rely on you finding what is comfortable for your own hands. Just do wish they would've told you more of how to angle the spread to align the change. Sometimes I hit it perfectly and sometimes the left edge doesn't line up.
However it does teach a method without using that change in the routine. I do recommend purchasing though because you'll be buying a new utility move, and some nifty impromptu routines that can be done any time with any deck. $10 is worth the price so don't hesitate just because of the negatives I've given here. There's still a ton of positive to be said.


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