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Twinsplit Remix

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Magic download (video) by Dan and Dave Buck ($2.50 - normally $5.00)

The three of clubs is shown at the fingertips in the left hand. You explain how the pips on the card are removable and you pinch the center pip of the three with the fingertips of the right hand. In a quick action, you visually pull off the center pip of the three leaving the ace of clubs in your right hand the two of clubs in your left hand. These cards can be cleanly shown front and back. You can then go on to replace the pip by tossing the ace into the two in which it visually transforms back into the three.

This trick is so visual. The cards are always at the fingertips and face up. No duplicate cards or gimmicks required.


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Customer reviews for Twinsplit Remix



This is a superb effect. It shows that sort of superhuman ability that magicians are supposed to have. The effect is only slightly hard on the angles for the first part but the angles are covered in the tutorial so don't worry about it, I never had any problems with angles when perofrming this. The second part is also extremely visual and is not very hard so this effect can be great for any magician, as long as they have some basic knowledge of card manipulation. What I really love about this effect is its lenghth. It is so short that the spectators don't have time to think at all. They don't know what's about to happen, and when the magic happens, they never have time to run the thing over in their minds since the second hit arrives mere seconds afterwards. It's a great display of skill, because it explores that dimension in which magicians have this unbelievable control over the deck of cards. Even though all spectators will know that you used three cards (they can't be that stupid to think that it was one card), they can't say anything, just hand the deck over and tell them to do it.

So what you get is an awesome, short, very visual card effect that is relatively easy, troll-proof and pack a double punch: Recommended for all.



I've always liked the idea of splitting a card in half in this sense. The actual split is a bit of a knack but with practice you'll be able to get it down. Same with the "restoration" of the two cards into one. I've been able to incorporate one of these sleights into other tricks. It's a good effect overall and has a good sleight to have it your arsenal.



Lovely trick, would love to add to my routine upon mastery.



Dan and Dave make it clear one of the sleights in this effect is "knacky." Admittedly, I am at best an intermediate cardsmith. But I have worked on this for hours and can't get the second part of the effect down. It is so visual, and so effective when done properly. I might get 4-5 out of 10 tries to correctly, and it even looks amazing to me, and I know what is happening.

My opinion is that is what makes a beautiful effect even more rewarding?that it is difficult. Remember how long it took you to learn to do a double lift without a second thought? But now that you can do it easily, it is satisfying that you put in the time to learn something so effective and valuable.

So I rate this effect four stars because I feel a tad more explanation on the timing of the second sleight, as well as proper angling for the effect as a whole, would be beneficial. As always with the Buck twins, the effects themselves are five stars.

Twinsplit Remix by Dan and Dave Buck