Two Card Transposition (Andrew Frost)

Magic download (video) by Andrew Frost (@sleightlyobsessed)
9.60 - normally $12.00
4.8 | 11 reviews
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Two Card Transposition (Andrew Frost)

12.00 usd

Magic download (video) by Andrew Frost (@sleightlyobsessed) (9.60 - normally $12.00)

A rite of passage for all serious card workers, the simple exchange of two cards while holding a deck is a visual effect that takes just seconds to perform. Andy's version uses Troy Hooser's Slip Stream sleight, as well as a new move you're sure to incorporate into your arsenal.

Running time: 7 minutes 27 seconds


Customer reviews for Two Card Transposition (Andrew Frost)



Very nice. Simply deceptive. With a bit of work I think I’ll get it.



I recently started looking into Andrew Frost's work and I really liked this one. It definitely isn't simple, but it is taught more than you think, in terms of the extra tuition on other things as well. YOu need to work out some knack, and you need to practice, but it is a great thing you can do impromptu and stand up. 'Slip Stream' was my favorite aspect and you can use it as card control and more.



I bought this as a 99c download during the Black Friday sales but really love it. It will most likely become another way I quickly and visually grab the spectator's attention. The moves are described as tricky in the tutorial but I was able to fumble through them on my first attempt; I don't think it'll take long to master them. The moves are also transferable to other effects too so it can be more than just a one trick pony.

Great purchase with many applications.

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Great moves taught! Its only 7 minutes long but it goes through everything very well. He gives you different angles as well so you can see what is going on top and bottom. A little knacky at first but with some practice you can get used to it quick. The sleights taught here will help you in other card tricks or just another move to add to your arsenal. Well worth it!



Fantastic. Very direct transposition that combines 2 great utility moves. Andrew goes over all of the details to learn it easily.



I just got this today and I believe I have my work cut out for me. One of the two moves looks relatively easy. The other seems … challenging. The effect is so clean, though, I’m definitely going to put in the work.


Laura Bautista

More than the effect itself, this video shows two super useful sleights in the world of card magic. The techniques that Andrew Frost teaches with enormous simplicity and detail are basic and advantageous to add to any routine. It is very appreciated that he takes so much care in repeating the two movements over and over again, with close-up shots and different points of view. That way it's even simpler. Very good result and a valuable lesson.







I like this effect but I like the techniques he taught more than effect!
'Slip Stream' is so useful technique! not only used this effect, you can use card control, sandwich cards and more
also, one handed reverse technique is great too! if you learn this technique you can secretly reverse card with one hand!



Good teacher!


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  • Zachary asks: The description of the effect reads, 'Andy's version uses Troy Hooser's Slip Stream sleight.' Does Andy teach Slip Stream on the download?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It included the Slip Stream
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