Unholy Gathering

Magic download (video) by Paul Wilson
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Unholy Gathering

14.95 usd

Magic download (video) by Paul Wilson (14.95)

Paul Wilson’s super practical and visual take on the moving hole plot designed for in-person performances. Ends with a signed, hole-punched card that audiences will want to keep forever.

“Unholy Gathering” is an amazing magic download brought to you as part of Paul Wilson’s incredible "Four Foolers Download Bundle". While you can get it separately for full price, those who buy the bundle will save 60%.

A playing card is selected and signed before you punch a hole in the four corners. You then visually move the holes, one at a time, until they join together in one corner. This signed card can then be left with your spectator, giving them an impossible object that will constantly remind them of the unbelievable magic you helped them experience.

The best part of “Unholy Gathering” is that it was structured to be performed live. It’s not just reserved for social media videos on TikTok or Instagram. Having the ability to allow the audience to physically hold the final card is truly incredible.

Unlike other complicated moving hole cards, “Unholy Gathering” doesn’t require any fragile threads or elastics. The gimmicks can be made for pennies. Once you get the hang of it, you can make a ton at one time. But, you’ll rarely even need the backups since the “Unholy Gathering” gimmick is also super durable.

NOTE: Download only. Hole punch NOT included.


Customer reviews for Unholy Gathering



beautiful effect



VI Monthly


This is a great effect that leaves the spectator with an impossible object, they can keep. Even though I already knew the principle behind the gaff, I wasn't expecting it, because it looked fantastic.
Paul Wilson does a great job on explaining the routine as well as the making of the gaff, so no complaints here.

Paul Wilson mentions that this works best with red rider backs. I tried it with blue ones, who were working as well, but it looks a lot better with the red ones.





I've been doing Unholy Gathering close-up and strolling for several years now. For a vaguely attentive group, this is, in my opinion, one of the strongest things you can do with cards.

It's definitely possible to simplify the handling and gaff-making process a little more than is taught here, but that's part of the journey with working in any routine!

Also worth noting, Paul says to use red back Bikes for this routine. I've always used blue back Bikes and never had any issues.

VI Monthly


I have been looking for a great piece of magic to perform for large tables that can be seen at chest level. This effect Kills! The explanation is very easy to follow and I will be adding this to my walk around set immediately. I showed this to a group of close friend who have seen lots of my magic, and they said it themselves, "that was the absolute coolest effect we have seen you perform" This is coming from people who have each kept a signed card from my ambitious at some point, but a signed card with the four holes you just moved, on the card to keep, is an amazing bonus! If you like card effects and want an actual practical Hole moving effect, get this now!!



This is brilliant, great video production, this gaff is so so easy to make, This is great fun to perform.



I'm getting my hole punch out as soon as I click the Submit Review button.



Very good. The explanation is perfect.


Community questions about Unholy Gathering

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  • Jan Vraagaard asks: Is this version any different than the version on the DVD "Knock Em Dead by R. Paul Wilson"

    • 1. Jim answers: It is the same routine, but refined/improved since the DVD filming.
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  • Louis asks: Can i do it closeup

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You sure can!
  • Krishan asks: In unholy gathering do we need any sleight of hand double lift etc Card given back has 4 holes in 1 corner or one hole in each corner Gimmick how to make ?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You will need a double, but there is something done to the cards to make it incredible easy. And yes, there is a gimmick that you are taught in detail how to make. There's a knack to it, but it's very easy when you get it.
  • Miles asks: Could you hand out the signed card after punching the holes in the four corners for people too see? I was just thinking that would be a great way to demonstrate for a big audience, since everyone might not be able to see from a stage. Thanks!

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Absolutely, it can be given away at the end of the routine.
  • Brian asks: Does it require special clothing?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: No clothing requirements!
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