The Unreal Work #2

Magic download (video) by Jason England
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The Unreal Work #2

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Magic download (video) by Jason England ($20.00)

The Unreal Work 2: Cheaters on a Train reveals more powerful methods for cheating at cards. Learn thirteen professional routines guaranteed to fool and fascinate your audience.

Paul and Jason share secrets from their personal repertoires, drawing from decades of study into the world of crooked gambling. From devastating false shuffles, slug controls and false deals to baffling feats of skill and fascinating exposes, The Unreal Work 2 is an unmissable toolbox filled with material for anyone interested in gambling sleight of hand or card magic.

Join Jason and Paul on the California Zephyr, traveling overnight between Denver and Chicago. Pull up a chair, take out your cards and ante up. Just be warned, there are cheaters on this train....

The Unreal Work 2 features thirteen powerful ideas for anyone interested in card technique.

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    J asks: I see three downloads; the unreal work, the unreal work #1 and the unreal work #2. Are these three different downloads with different content?

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Customer reviews for The Unreal Work #2


The thought process and refining that went into these routines is wonderful, and they are taught perfectly. The setting itself is very interesting: at night on a train; pretty suiting for a couple of card cheaters. All in all, this is a great product that everyone should get!!



I've payed more for stuff I liked a lot less.

The variation on the breather is really good and even less detectable. It seems to hold up better through shuffles and cascades than the regular breather, too. There are also tons of great easy material in here that will make anyone look as if they can really cheat the pants out of everybody. And then there's the stuff you'll play with for quite a while before you will actually be good enough to perform, but it sure will be alot of fun practicing.

True beginers should look elsewhere, but if you like this kind of stuff and know the basics you'll find something to use right away and stuff to inspire you to put in the practice. If anyone thinks he/she is good... well... I've never seen anyone better than Jason England in my short experience and definitely no better teacher, so you too should find alot in here to learn.

Some of the best $25 I've spent in magic yet.



I've only watched a small portion of this project and already WOW. Jason and Paul have excellent teaching, and very powerful effects. As usual Dan and Dave have put together a wonderful work of media everything is very clear and the whole concept on "Cheaters on a train" is quite cool.

So final thought, for $25 is a amazing deal for this content. If you like card cheating you should purchase this!



I never had a real look into gambling routines, but I'm a huge fan a Jason's work and explanations. The routines here are practical, I will see myself practicing them and actually doing them!

And on top of the great routines, there are some really good tips on some techniques! Paul's tip on the bottom deal is just GOLD! It's a technique I never got the knack, but with that tip, I will see myself working again on it.

Both for the routines and the tips make it a 5* video! Really happy about this purchase!



After spending $24 on Project Aviv, I did not have any intention of buying another Collection until after Christmas. However when I saw Jason England and Paul Wilson release The Unreal Works Vol. 2 I did some serious thinking. Being a sucker for gambling related routines and sleights I couldn't resist. Cheaters on a Train takes a more professional approach in filming than its predecessor (Unreal Words Vol. 1). 13 Routines later I was left sitting at my table thankful that I spent the $24 - it was well worth it - not to mention the free download of The Unreal Works Vol. 1.

I would highly reccommend Cheaters on a Train to any fan of gambling routines and sleights, and even people who have no interest in these routines. The moves presented and taught drastically improve other routines and things are taught in this video that will help you create your own routines, and improve what you already have. There is something for everyone to learn from Cheaters on a Train!



This video was well worth the price. There are so many ideas and techniques on both the volumes to keep me occupied for a while. As always the level of instruction is very good. Both the mechanics and thoughts for application are expressed in detail which makes for very informative lessons. Make sure that you are acquainted with some moves before taking on this video. While some methods are breifly touched on, this video teaches with an expectation that some slights are already learned by the viewer. All in all it is a great set that is a must have for anyone that enjoys gambling routines.



I haven't watched all the clips yet, but they are all great ideas. Most of them are very easy to learn if you have the basics down, as in Zorrow shuffles and bottom deals.

They teach the tricks very well and when there is talk about crimped cards for example, they edit it to the end of the video clips, so if you know what they are talking about, you do not need to sit through it, but if you don't know what they are talking about, don't worry. They teach them in detail at the end of the clips.

It is definitely worth it. It is not at all expensive for the amount and quality of stuff there is.



Hey guys,

I bought this over Christmas Break a couple of days ago, and I am very satisfied. I have always wanted to learn cool gambling routines and false shuffles, and I have come to the right place. In this Collection, they give you 13 routines and sleights that you WILL use, and many of them are not terribly difficult, so there is something for everyone in this Collection, whether you are beginner or intermediate. Overall, great job Dan and Dave, Paul Wilson, and Jason England.



This is a wonderful collection of material at a great price. As others have said, the beginner will need to know some utility sleights for the routines. The motivated beginner might still consider getting this product to have something to work towards and to figure out which utility sleights they should learn.

England and Wilson are among the best teachers in video format I have come across for card sleights, and the no-nonsense nature of this video highlights their talents in this respect greatly. Truly this is a buy worth considering if the effects look like something you want to learn.

The Unreal Work #2 by Jason England