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Venus Trap

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Magic download (video) by Chris Brown ($8.00)

Imagine being able to show a single card and invisibly switch it for another. This is just one of the many applications you'll acquire with the Venus Trap. "It's everything a double lift can accomplish, and more...with only a single card."

It's one technique that will leave you with the power to control, vanish, change and switch a card.

The Venus Trap is an updated handling of a sleight published by George Pughe way back in a 1949 issue of The Linking Ring under the title of, Pughe's Alternative to a Double Lift.

Many magician's have since played with the idea and released their own version, such as, Bill Goodwin, Junstin Hanes, and Daniel Garcia, however, we have seen no one more cleanly execute the sleight than Chris Brown and are proud to present this video.

As part of our Community Captions project, the explanation video for this download has optional English subtitles.


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The Venus Trap is like many moves in card magic, in that it works best in the environment it was designed for. This move cannot be done surrounded (like most sleights that look incredibly clean) but for 1-5 spectators this is a DEADLY weapon. The teaching in this video is brilliant, especially the use of the clear plastic block to show the exact finger positions needed. I particuarily enjoy using the control because it suits my style. There are many more applications which I have already started using the Venus Trap for (one thing which is not explained is a color change- you can see Chris performing it on his YouTube channel). I highly recommend this video!! Two thumbs up!



Such a good move to add to your arsenal, it kills. Using it as a control and a double lift substitute is just more than you could ask for.



Most people, seeing such a great sleight, like the Venus Trap, in front of the camera would think it's a camera trick or it doesn't look THAT good off the camera. Well just let me say...

You'd be wrong... This sleight can be done to absolute perfection! I'm already tricking my own eyes in front of the mirror! The sleight isn't that hard to execute but getting it flawlessly will take time and practice. The applications are endless if you really think about it.

Also, Chris teaches a single card transposition trick at the end of the video utilising the Venus Trap. HOLEY MOLEY IT KILLS! The trick should've been the price of the video itself. I love it.

The whole video is very worthwhile to buy, if not for anything, then for the trick. Trust me on this. Chris has really outdone himself this time.



This is a move that I use every single day. The control taught on this video is KILLER. The switch itself is completely invisible after just a little practice. I like to do the pirouette flourish and then the Venus Trap as a Double Lift substitute, which completely fools my magician friends all the time. Even when you look in the right places you can't see ANYTHING. In the video you also learn a nice little vanish that I incorporate into a few of my routines. This move is completely stunning and has so many applications. Every magician should know this.



This is fantastic sleight which in my opinion is not only fantastic to use on laymen, but also for that one guy that is desperate to catch you out. It is taught very clearly and in depth. Chris goes through each step concisely, which allows to to pick up the manoeuvre very easily. On top of the sleight, chris goes through two control variations, a vanish and a nice bonus trick that could easily have been sold separately. A definate must buy if you would like to learn a brilliant variation on the double lift.



This is an excellent move taught in a surprisingly comprehensive way. I already knew how this worked when a friend explained it to me years ago, however I still bought it just to get the proper teaching. Highly recommended.



I purchased this a long time ago. It is one of the few moves that I've continually used since learning it. It's versatility has served me very well over the years. I don't perform it exactly like Chris does because I've made a few tweaks for my personal taste in regards to the angles. Well worth the money if you're a cardsman like I am.



Liked the move a lot, thank you.
Thought that there would be a few tips on ferris trap by dan&dave though.
Thank you anyway.



The Venus Trap is an extremely solid utility that Move Monkeys will go gaga over. It's solidly thought out and has some great applications.

I will say that this will not replace your traditional double lift, but, rather take its place for certain occasions. Performed properly, The Venus Trap looks slick and clean.

My only concern is that it is possibly a bit too flashy. The manner in which you display the card isn't completely justified. So, it depends on how you'd like your magic to appear. Are you just really good with your sleights kinda magician, or, is the magic happening and you're just the intermediary.



It's a fantastic move especially when performing with a small group of people. However I don't like the control in the video because it displays the bottom card of the rightmost packet. People think you could be using a key card, which is a concept a lot of laymen know about. I like the vanish they teach, it's very pretty. And the switch was probably the best part. The transposition in the video can actually be made cleaner with a double lift. But overall, this is a great download and I would recommend.



Venus Trap is a very nice move that can substitute many moves that you might be doing it everyday such as double lift, top change, and control. Personally, I think this is a move made to fool magicians. A single card really change into another single card just by flipping it over the deck is really cool. And it's easy to do, all you have to do is be careful of the angel. This move is preferred to be done with few spectators. However, the angel isn't that much difficult to control.

In the tutorial, you will know how to do the basic move that change top card into the another card. And also 2 alternative ways to control a selected card from the middle of the deck to the top of the deck, and a way to make a card vanish, or even switch top card with a card you put it face up on the deck. Moreover, a nice bonus trick that has a killer effect with a signed card.

Venus Trap by Chris Brown